Monday, September 27, 2021

the war on liberalism

One of the interesting things about the political situation today, and it’s something that most people don’t seem to have noticed, is that we’re seeing a war on liberalism. Wokeism and Political Correctness and World War T are all-out frontal assaults on the fundamental assumptions of liberalism.

Wokeism is an attack on the time-honoured liberal position that race should not matter and that everyone should strive to be colour-blind. World War T is not only an attempt to erase women it is also an attempt to utterly destroy old school feminism. If there’s no such thing as a woman (and that’s the current dogma) then feminism cannot exist.

The Woke/PC crowd are also vehemently opposed to freedom of speech. They’re also very happy with the continued growth of the surveillance state. They like the idea of the government being able to track us and keep tabs on everything we do.

And, as we’ve seen recently, they also tend to be very much in favour of taking all sorts of civil liberties away from us. Free choice is seen as a hopelessly antiquated concept. People should do what the government tells them to do. People should also think the way the media giants and social media giants tell them to think.

There’s also an increasing interest in the idea of telling us what we should eat. We should eat soy burgers. They haven’t yet publicly floated the idea of banning meat but it’s on their agenda.

This might sound like old school totalitarianism but it’s actually a totally new variant. Although many older rightists are convinced that they’re dealing with a rebirth of communism nothing could be further from the truth. The Woke/PC crowd is funded by the corporate sector and they serve the interests of the corporate sector. This is not neo-communism but it is a form of neo-fascism.

Older social conservatives of course have no clue what is going on. They’re still fighting the ideological battles of 50, 60 or 70 years ago. Older liberals are terrified and bewildered. They don’t want to oppose the Woke/PC crowd because they think these people are liberals. They’re wrong. The Woke/PC crowd are not liberals. Older liberals do not want to oppose World War T because they think it’s a liberal cause. They’re wrong. It’s the most illiberal of causes. So they remain frightened and bewildered. And when an uber-liberal like J.K. Rowling can be accused of being a Nazi they’re right to be frightened.

How did all this happen? The fact is that there are many powerful groups with a vested interest in crushing dissent. Bureaucrats do not like dissent. Politicians do not like awkward questions being asked. The corporate sector would like us to do what we’re told. The social media outlets enjoy power. The police like to be obeyed and they dislike things such as legal rights. Liberalism is based on the idea that there should be limits on the power that people have other people. That is not a popular idea among politicians, bureaucrats, corporate CEOs, cops or social media moguls.

For all of these people liberalism has become a nuisance. They are more than happy to support anti-liberal ideologies, and they are doing so.

I probably should explain that in my recents posts I’m essentially tossing ideas about. If you don’t agree then feel free to chime in. I’m not arrogant enough to think I have all the answers.


  1. What you have written is absolutely wrong because you still believe the lie that Liberal represents good. Liberalism represents the individual and that is why it supports transgenderism. Someone who is self made, someone who doesn't allow nature to dictate to them.

    The thing you call illiberal is in fact liberalism. Not the old type but the new type, because liberalism doesn't stand still, it constantly changes.

    1. What you have written is absolutely wrong because you still believe the lie that Liberal represents good.

      That's not quite what I was saying. What I was suggesting was that liberalism up until the 1990s was based on certain assumptions. Those assumptions provided the core of liberal belief for most liberals. Those assumptions are now not merely being challenged, they're being overthrown completely. That's a huge change. It's such a huge change that I really don't think we can use the word liberalism to describe the current ruling ideology.

      What modern self-professed liberals believe (that freedom of speech is bad, that we should all be compelled to accept absolute conformity of thought, that we should obey the government without question, that some races are inherently wicked, the we should be subject to rigid surveillance 24/7)) is so contrary to liberalism that to describe it as liberalism is dangerously misleading.

      This is not just a new variant of liberalism. This is a wholly different ideology. It is not an ideology based on individualism. It is an ideology based on conformity.

      Whether liberalism was a good thing or a bad thing is not the point. I understand your hostility to liberalism and your position on that issue is perfectly valid. The point is that liberalism as we once knew it is pretty much gone. That's pretty significant.

  2. I disagreed with the earlier post but this one is excellent.

    Look, many commentators on the right claim or think that mid twentieth century fascism was socialism, or that fascism and communism were the same, though the fascists and communists themselves didn't think so and most political scientists don't think so. They were both totalitarian ideologies, so there was a lot of overlap, but if there weren't differences, the Nazi-Soviet Pact would have held and they would have defeated the democracies.

    The 2st century totalitarianism uses the rhetoric of Maoist communism, but a communist movement wouldn't make the working class its primary enemy. It shares corporatism with fascism, btu there is no charismatic leader or glorification of the nation state. It is something new and different. It needs a name.

    1. It is something new and different. It needs a name.

      I agree. We're still using terms like liberal, conservative, left, right, socialist, fascist but those terms no longer have any clear-cut meaning when we try to apply them to the current political situation. They end up misleading us. And sometimes they're used (by politicians and the media) to deliberately mislead us.

      I sometimes use the term neo-fascism but again it has the weakness of being an attempt to apply the definitions of the past to a new situation.

  3. They probably think of themselves as bringing in "The New World Order", let's start with that.