Monday, June 22, 2020

why the Left wants Trump to win

It seems obvious to a lot of people on the political Right that that the recent wave of protests is anti-Trump and there are those who believe it’s part of a plot to prevent Trump’s re-election. I’m inclined to think that it’s not as simple as that, for several reasons.

Firstly, the election of Trump was in many ways a godsend for the Cultural Left. It energised their supporters to an extraordinary degree. It gave them a focus. If Trump loses in November that focus will be lost. Trump has been a kind of Emmanuel Goldstein for the Cultural Left. They need him. It’s a great advantage for any political movement to have a clearly defined enemy. For the Nazis it was the Jews. For the old school communists it was the capitalist exploiters. For the old school trade-unionist Left it was the Bosses. For feminism it was the patriarchy. For old-style fascists in the 1920s and ’30s it was the communists. Having those clearly defined enemies provided much of the energy for those movements. That’s why feminists still carry on about a patriarchy that doesn’t exist. Trump is an ideal enemy and a perfect symbol.

If Trump loses that clearly defined enemy no longer exists. How are they going to get hordes of protestors into the streets when Trump is no longer there? But if Trump wins that focus will be strengthened. They will announce that the re-election of Trump is illegitimate and is proof that they were right about the dangers of fascism. This will provide the opportunity for protests on an even larger scale. This will have the effect of strengthening the power of the leaders of antifa and BLM and the Cultural Left as a whole.

Secondly, elections don’t really mean that much to the Cultural Left. They increased their power under Thatcher and Reagan. They made immense gains under the Tory governments of David Cameron and Theresa May. In Australia they made gains under the supposedly conservative Tony Abbott government. And they have made extraordinary gains under Trump, gains beyond anything they could have hoped for.

You have to remember that Trump is a social liberal. There’s not the slightest danger that he will actually undo any of the Cultural Revolution. A Trump victory would pose no threat to the Cultural Left’s agenda but would offer them many opportunities. In fact a Trump victory will accelerate the Cultural Revolution.

The ideal result from the point of view of the Cultural Left would be for Trump to lose the popular vote again but eke out a narrow victory in the Electoral College. Then they can start organising protests that will dwarf anything we’ve seen in the past few weeks.

OK, it’s just a theory, but to me it sounds plausible that these protestors might be desperately hoping for Trump to win. 

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  1. What a muddled the "left"( whoever they may be) exist only forthe strange pleasure of protesting????