Wednesday, June 24, 2020

why elections don’t matter

I’m thinking I should perhaps amplify and clarify some of the points made I my previous post why the Left wants Trump to win.

First off, I wasn’t talking about the Democratic Party (I’m sure they’d like to beat Trump or at least most of them would). I was talking abut the Cultural Left (or the Social Justice Left if you prefer) in a much broader sense, and in particular about the more extreme elements in the Cultural Left/Social Justice Left. The Social Justice Left really doesn’t care about elections and this is something that the Right (and social conservatives even more so) has persistently failed to understand.

The Social Justice Left sees elections as largely irrelevant. They do not believe in the power of the ballot box (which is something the Right clings to desperately). The Social Justice Left believes that if you change the culture, and control the culture, political power will eventually follow. But in the short to medium term it’s cultural power that is the big prize, not political power as such. They believe that politics is downstream from culture.

Their method has been to infiltrate cultural institutions (media, the universities, schools) to gain cultural power, and to apply pressure (by means other than the ballot box) on politicians, bureaucrats, businesses and cultural institutions in order to achieve their goals. In the United States they have also used the courts. They can do this because they have so much power in the universities that they can ensure that graduates of law schools are thoroughly steeped in their Social Justice ideology.

They can do these things regardless of which party is in office.

The Cultural Revolution began in the 1960s. At that stage the cutting edge of the Cultural Revolution was represented by Second Wave feminism, Gay Liberation, Black Power and the push to overturn censorship (whether government censorship or in the case of Hollywood industry censorship). These movements really established themselves during the Nixon and Ford Administrations. The fact that there was a Republican in the White House was a matter of no concern whatsoever. The election of the Conservative Party in Britain in 1970 was also a matter of no concern. In Australia the election of a conservative government in 1975 was similarly irrelevant to them.

As the Cultural Revolution continued to gather steam the elections of right-wing governments in Britain under Thatcher, in the U.S. under Reagan and (slightly later under John Howard in Australia) presented no obstacles. The power of the Social Justice Left grew steadily and inexorably. In the 21st century the Social Justice Left has actually made even more progress under right-wing governments.

Of course one of the reasons for all this is that right-wing governments have been so obsessed with economic issues that the Social Justice Left can rely on them to offer little or no opposition to their social and cultural agendas. This has allowed the Social Justice Left to prosper under such governments.

The Social Justice Left wants us to think that they passionately hate people like Trump but having someone to hate is too valuable a commodity to give up.


  1. Even more so, there's actually a good reason for the Democrats to avoid beating Trump: they clearly understand there's going to be a huge tsunami - economical, political, social, you name it - during those 4 years, and they don't want to even consider taking responsibility for it.

    1. Yes, good point. 2020 might be a seriously bad time to win an election.