Friday, June 12, 2020

the politics of humiliation

So what is going on at the moment with the protests? Is it, as some on the Right think, an attempted colour revolution? Is it a dastardly communist plot? Is it a plot by the Democrats to steal the election from Trump? Is it a globalist plot?

Personally I don’t think it’s any of those things. Most of the conspiracy theory explanation don’t make any sense. The protests are if anything harming globalism. They’re too half-assed and disorganised to be any kind of revolution. The protests are being backed by big business so there’s certainly no communist plot. And they will hurt Biden’s chances rather than Trump’s. In fact I can’t really think of any sinister shadowy conspiratorial group that is likely to be benefit. Even the neocons, who really do organise revolutions, won’t benefit - the protests are a distraction from their plans for war with Iran, war with Russia, war with China or war with anyone else with who happens to be their current Existential Enemy of the Week.

My feeling is that they’re partly a result of the trend towards emotionalism and hysteria that has been happening in the West since 1945, and especially in the United States (a trend which is probably an inevitable result of mass media, democracy and too much education in nonsense disciplines and pseudoscience).

And, more particularly, they’re about the exercise of power and the expression of hatred. The Woke (or the Cultural Left if you like) have got beyond waging a Culture War. They won the Culture War twenty years ago. They are now at the stage, as Genghis Khan is reputed to have put it, of crushing their enemies, seeing them fall at their feet, taking their horses and goods and hearing the lamentation of their women. This is all about humiliating a defeated enemy.

It’s not about politics. The young whites (including the antifa loons) taking to the streets are not actually political at all. They have no desire for political change. The Cultural Left is financed by big business and big business does not want a political revolution. They talk about hating fascism but fascism is just a generic term for anyone they dislike. They talk about hating whites but they don’t. They love rich whites (who provide them with money) and they love upper middle class whites (because they’re either upper middle class whites themselves for they’re lower middle class whites hoping to join the upper middle class). The whites that they hate are working-class whites, poor whites and rural whites and they hate them because they’re working-class, poor or rural. So it’s not about race.

It’s an irrational hatred. They hate older people (basically they hate anyone over 35) and they hate anyone who doesn’t share their hysterical emotion-driven entire irrational faith in Wokeness.

It may also be that, as Anatoly Karlin has suggested, we’re witnessing a generational coup within liberalism with old-school liberals being purged and replaced by young Woke liberals.

It’s all about the politics of pure power and the politics of humiliation. And much of the Woke hatred is being directed at older liberals (J.K. Rowling being their latest target).

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  1. For Christians (I mean real Christian individuals, not churches); all this is tied-together into a perfectly coherent rationale. But that is because we do Not look for ultimate explanations of long-term trends in transient groupings of human beings, who are (as you correctly discern) individually short-termist and self-gratifying.