Friday, June 26, 2020

the past must be destroyed

Many on the Right seem to be assuming that the current efforts to tear down statues of Dead White Guys are motivated by anti-white hatred. I’m no at all sure that that is what is really going on. For one thing the most enthusiastic statue-topplers seem to be young whites.

I think the real hatred is aimed at the past. One thing I've noticed about the politically correct/Woke crowd is their extreme hostility to the past. The past is seen as something that is incredibly threatening and frightening because to younger people it's so inexplicable. How could people in the past not have realised that homosexuality is awesome? How could they not have realised that Girls Can Do Anything? How could those people in the past have thought that being a slut was wrong? Those people must have been evil.

What we're seeing is Year Zero stuff. Destroy the past. The past was evil. Destroy everything old. 

The obsession with Dead White Guys is really a symptom of a fear and horror of everything that happened before the 1990s. In fact even the 1990s was pretty evil. The Enlightenment began with the election of Obama.

Attacking the beliefs, values, institutions and culture of the past has alway been popular with would-be revolutionaries (the Woke crowd are actually not revolutionaries but useful idiots of the ruing class but they think they’re revolutionaries). In fact even in the ancient world it was common enough for what we now call regime change to be accompanied by attacks on everything associated with the previous regime/dynasty. Destroying statues was by no means unheard of. In fact it’s a traditional method of letting the old regime know that it’s now powerless.

The current wave of statue-toppling seems to be a case of one mostly white ideological group attacking the symbols of a rival mostly white ideological group.

Also bear in mind that the Great Awokening is a Children's Revolution. When I say children, many of these children are now in their thirties but they're still children. Mom and Dad are so evil and stupid they think men can't have babies! They think women can't have penises! Mom and Dad need to be sent to be re-educated.


  1. Personally I'm even more concerned with what's going to happen to the works of art of the past. Once the Woke crowd will get rid of all the physical books and disks, they're going to make quite a lot of old stuff simply unavailable, and not only because it's evil and un-PC, but because it's actually very very good, and when you need to sell tons of fresh crap every year you simply can't have good old books and movies and TV anymore.

    1. Once the Woke crowd will get rid of all the physical books and disks, they're going to make quite a lot of old stuff simply unavailable,

      Yes, that's inevitable. And it's already begun. There was a case a couple of years ago in Britain - feminists successfully lobbied to have supposedly sexist paintings removed from public display in an art museum. Within a few years a large chunk of western art will be consigned to storage in basements of art museums.

      And books from the past are already being quietly censored to remove passages that are racist, sexist. homophobic, etc etc.

      Year Zero thinking has been with us for a while.

  2. One theory is that the Chinese are trying to do a "color revolution" in the USA and UK, but the Chinese organizers are a bit tone deaf about Anglo-Saxon culture, and are relying too much on a Chinese template.

  3. Fahrenheit 451 had the firemen setting fires, burning books.

    It's frightening just how ignorant and ill-educated the young are now, thanks mainly to those evil swine at Common Purpose. So now this gullible generation are effectively empty vessels, ready to be filled with all sorts of irrational leftist ideas and used by scheming anarchists. This will not end well.

  4. Funny that after the Communism fell in Eastern Europe, a lot of the Communists' monument were subsequently destroyed in the following years by the new governments who were rabid anti communists who also wanted to destroy the Communists' history and past and start from Year Zero ass you said.
    So it's NOT only the Left as you say.
    Oh and sorry for destroying your argument against the Left BTW.