Sunday, March 31, 2019

The War on Noticing hots up

The Social Justice agenda just gets more and more crazy. To many people this is a mystery. Surely even the Social Justice Warriors themselves must realise how insane their demands are becoming? What is going on?

The explanation is simple. As Steve Sailer pointed out some time ago, political correctness is a war on noticing. There are a lot of things that we are not supposed to notice. In fact we must not be allowed to notice these things. In order to ensure that certain embarrassing things don’t get noticed distractions are needed. Hence we get things like the Tasmanian Government’s plans to legalise abortions for men. This is clearly complete lunacy but it’s a very useful distraction.

What are these things that we’re not supposed to notice?

For starters there’s the fact that anthropogenic global warming/climate change is complete hogwash, and obvious hogwash. It just ain’t happening.

Secondly there’s the fact that green energy has been an expensive failure.

Thirdly there’s the undeniable truth that feminism has been an utter failure. Where are all the female rocket scientists, brain surgeons, nuclear physicists and mathematicians? We were led to believe that once sexism was abolished women would equal men’s achievements in science. In fact the contribution of women to science has been minuscule. Where are all those brilliant female entrepreneurs? How many major corporations are there that were established by women? Women CEOs taking over already established companies doesn’t count. Those brilliant female entrepreneurs just don’t seem to exist in the real world. All feminism has done is to make women angry and miserable. But we mustn’t be allowed to notice that. Most of all we must not notice that men and women really are entirely different.

There are quite a few things about the economy that must not get noticed. Like the fact that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. Like the fact that most people can no longer afford to buy a house. Like the fact that most people are living with crippling debt from which they can never escape.

It’s also vital that nobody should notice that despite the expenditure of billions of dollars to solve the social problems of groups like African-Americans those groups still seem to have the same social problems they had half a century ago.

The psychiatric industry would also prefer us not to notice that all those gee-whizz miracle drugs like Prozac that were supposed to make everyone happy appear not to have worked.

There are therefore a lot of powerful groups that have things that they are desperately keen for us not to notice. So they are naturally very enthusiastic about abortion rights for men and transgender bathroom rights.

I’m not saying that there’s no ideological substrate here but the bottom line is that the people with the actual power don’t care about ideology, they care about power. The ideological insanity of the Social Justice Warriors would not survive for five minutes without the funding they get from rich powerful interest groups. If this craziness did not serve their interests in distracting us from things we might otherwise notice then the bankers and billionaires would simply pull the plug on it.


  1. That's a good list of things we musn't notice, and I completely agree that we are insane - but my understanding is that these are not really facts, but interpretations. There are no value-free facts - because all meaning comes from the assumptions used to interpret the observations.

    So, I believe that it is our deep assumptions that are insane, not the surface 'facts'.

    (This is actually the way that delusional psychosis mostly works - although there may also be false observations, i.e. hallucinations. Most of the false ideas come from how shared-common data are interpreted.)

    So it is the false assumption that groups of men, women, Europeans, African Americans all have 100% *identical* intelligence ('g') and personality traits; so that any and all facts of different accomplishment 'must' be due to irrational prejudice and discrimination (even if that p&d is pretty much invisible).

    Even with Anthropogenic CO2-driven global warming; the underlying problem is the false assumptions that 'scientists' can 1. predict and 2. control global climate - when there isn't a shred of a reason to assume that either of these are true (and a zillion reasons to believe that we 1. do not know what will be the future of earth's climate, and 2. could not control it if we did).

    So, the problem is much deeper than 'noticing' - because our false/ incoherent assumptions mean even when people do notice, it makes no difference to their understanding.

    I agree that the examples of Major Issues you suggest are indeed a distraction; but with nearly all the population plugged-into and addicted-to mass-social medi, nearly 24/7, specifci distractions are overwhelmed by the sheer vast torrent of 'stuff' that takes precedence over our own personal experiences and common sense reasoning.

    As you know, I think the root of this is denail of God/ the spiritual realm. (I don't specifically mean Christian - I mean the denial of any divine or immmaterial aspect to life.) This works at a 'biological' level. The first generation of godless nihilist functioned OK because they were brought-up religious; but from then onwards, and as the buffering effect of older generations died-out, the Western Populations have gone deeper and deeper into insanity.

    We lack any core to our belief systems. We evolved to function with this core, and without it we are maladaptive - and are, of course, going extinct everywhere in all developed nations, amidst abundance, without predators and with little premature death - by 'choice'.

  2. I need counselling, I'm agreeing with almost everything, DforD. :)