Friday, November 17, 2017

urbanisation, decadence and western decline

An overlooked factor in the decline of the West over the past two hundred years is urbanisation.

Urbanisation lowers inhibitions. You can get away with degenerate behaviour that you could never get away with in a small rural community. The anonymity of urban life makes it easy to abandon all the time-honoured rules of decorum. Adultery and other sexual misconduct will earn social disapproval in a small town or village. In a city no-one will care.

And no matter how esoteric your perversion might be you’ll find someone in a big city with whom to share it.

Now of course we have the internet, and social media, so urban degeneracy is available to everyone. The entire world is now effectively urbanised.

City life is remote from unpleasant realities. In a rural community it’s difficult to avoid manual work, and a good deal of rural work is dangerous. In the city it’s easy to avoid getting your hands dirty.

Cities turn men into soy boys. The lowering of inhibitions turns women into sluts.

The more urbanised a society is the more decadent it will become. It’s no coincidence that we’re approaching peak decadence at the same time that we’re approaching peak urbanisation.


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you strongly prefer cities to the countryside, don't you?

    1. you strongly prefer cities to the countryside, don't you?

      When I was younger I did, certainly. But then when I was younger I believed in the Glorious Socialist Revolution as well. Cities and socialism are both very seductive to the young. As I got older I drifted towards the right, or at least I drifted towards social conservatism. And with each passing year cities have seemed that little bit less attractive.

      The last time I was in Sydney I was appalled. It's a sewer these days.

  2. The effect of cities is worth considering. It helps to explain the disruption to sexual relations in nations like Japan. Japan, as far as I know, doesn't have the same level of feminist influence, but even so there are difficulties in relations between young men and women there. I think you're right that the anonymity of cities has an effect. In smaller communities it would be possible to uphold standards of character, or at least screen for them, but that's more difficult in a large city.

    1. The problem is, it's hard to think of any way of avoiding or counteracting the effect. If you look at history it's fairly obvious that even a couple of thousand years ago in ancient Rome the same thing was happening. You had degeneracy in Rome itself while people in the countryside were living fairly normal decent lives. It just seems to be an inevitable effect of city life.