Friday, October 27, 2017

the battle for our children

An important recent post at The Knight and Drummer raises an issue that I’ve been concerned about for some time now. It is now obvious what the ultimate objective of the homosexual lobby is. It is unrestricted access to children for male homosexuals. This has always been the final objective, the only difference now is that they’re no longer making any secret of it.

In fact they have been pursuing this objective for decades. The sexualisation of children has been aggressively pushed in schools over a period of many years. Children have been exposed to sexual concepts at wildly inappropriate ages. And the sexual concepts to which they have been exposed have become steadily more sinister.

Over the past few years the gender identity nonsense has been used as a way to further advance this process. Extremely young children who have absolutely zero understanding of sex have been persuaded that they can change their gender. In many cases the parents have been pressured to go along with this. Most worrying is that many parents have been happy to do so - in our modern world a transgender child is a major status symbol.

A sexual interest in young boys has been a key part of the male homosexual sub-culture for at least two thousand years. We should not be surprised that they now intend to find ways to satisfy this interest without the inconvenience of being sent to prison. The homosexual lobby has taken an extraordinary interest in the education system and it’s no coincidence that they have done so.

Sceptics might object that they could not possibly get away with this. In fact they are getting away with it. And they have strategies which will help them to do so. The most successful is likely to be based on the idea that current age of consent laws are oppressive to children and repress childhood sexuality. It’s an evil strategy but that’s not going to stop them. We can also expect to hear sob stories (all of them phony) in the media about thousands of homosexual children committing suicide because their sexuality has been repressed.

It will be interesting to see which way women jump on this issue. Lesbians don’t share the obsessive sexual interest in children that male homosexuals display but they are always keen to make converts, and the best way to do so is to get them young. I imagine lesbians will mostly support male homosexuals on this issue.

But what about heterosexual feminists? Surely they won’t go along with any of this?

Much depends on whether heterosexual feminists are prepared to confront the homosexual lobby on this subject. These days very few people have the courage to stand against the homosexuals so I’m not hopeful. I do expect some major splits among feminists though, with many older feminists being appalled by the idea of children being turned into objects for the gratification of sexual lusts. Younger feminists will fully support the homosexuals. They’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated in homosexual and gender identity propaganda.

Christians as usual will wring their hands and start mumbling about fairness and equality and love and will do nothing of any consequence.

So far every single battle in the culture wars has been lost by Christians and social conservatives. We had better hope they don’t lose this one.


  1. I fear it is lost for Gen Y and Z now. Possibly the one after that will demand some action.

  2. A child cannot choose his bedtime but can choose his sex ! Madness, isn't it? And so many people - teachers to the fore - go along with this pernicious evil. It does have to be said, without any hint of sexism involved, that the teaching workforce is female dominated. I hope this spendid blog of yours is not shut down for speaking such heresy, but the 'other side' seems happy enough to throw the 'domination' word around at whim.

    It was easy enough for the grown-up kiddies in Universities to be manipulated: after all they are rebellious and bolshie at that age (not bolshie as in Bolshevik - ... er well, OK) and can have strange and outrageous ideas drummed into them under the guise of 'academic freedom' and 'enquiry'. They seem to have been lessened recently and there is a 'one-world-order-view' that is the new Orthodoxy.

    It is even easier to ruin small kiddies now that the Uni failures have found a slot in the public education sphere where brains are left in the car park and the teachers do just what the Educ Dept Orcs tell them to do.

    Keep up the hammering Dfor. :)

    1. for speaking such heresy

      You'll love my next post. I've called it In Praise of Patriarchy.