Sunday, October 29, 2017

in praise of patriarchy

A commenter at The Knight and Drummer recently accused me of wanting to restore patriarchy. I have to say that I plead guilty as charged. I do indeed want to restore patriarchy.

Until western society decided to commit suicide all human societies had been patriarchal. I know that feminist scholars (and I always chuckle at the concept of feminist scholarship) make claims for certain societies in the dim dark past having being matriarchies, and for a handful of remote tribes being matriarchal until modern times. In virtually every case this is nothing but wishful thinking on the part of woolly-minded academics. Successful societies have always been patriarchies.

I define a patriarchy as a society which accept two things - that men and women are profoundly different and have different social roles to play, and that final authority must rest with men. It’s important to remember that you can’t have one without the other. If men surrender their authority traditional sex roles will be overturned. If traditional sex roles are not respected men’s authority will vanish. If either of those things happen then that society is doomed.

Very few people today are prepared to nail their colours to the mast and embrace patriarchy. Most self-defined conservatives (including most so-called social conservatives and traditionalists) have surrendered completely to feminism. All mainstream conservative parties have made the same surrender, as have all mainstream Christian churches (with the possible exception of the Orthodox churches). Some of these “conservatives” will bleat about feminism having gone too far but in fact they are happy to accept 90% of the feminist agenda. If you’re a conservative and you believe in “equality” or “fairness” or “justice” then you’re a feminist and you’re part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

The fact is that we have all been so thoroughly indoctrinated by feminism that we think that admitting to being a supporter of patriarchy is a bit like admitting to being a member of the Ku Klux Klan. This is of course arrant nonsense. Patriarchy is not only the only workable way to run a society, it is also the only system that is capable of making both men and women happy.

But what exactly are the ramifications of accepting patriarchy?

Obviously we need to ask what place, if any, women should have in political life. Female leaders have always been disastrous. Of course we also need to reconsider the whole question of representative democracy, a system that guarantees corrupt, vicious and inefficient government. It’s not a question of whether women should be allowed to vote. It’s a question of whether voting is a good idea, for anyone. Every time the franchise has been extended the system has become more unworkable and more corrupt.

Secondly, women should accept the authority of their fathers, and after marriage they should accept the authority of their husbands. This is what women actually want. Women despise men who allow themselves to be dominated by women. The thought of having sex with such men nauseates them. Women have always sought men who can protect them and that implies authority. It’s a matter of biological reality. Fairness doesn’t come into it. Biological reality isn’t interested in fairness. Reality isn’t interested in fairness. Reality just is.

Thirdly, we need to carefully consider whether higher education for women is really a good idea. Of course we also need to think about higher education in general - we need to slash the number of university students overall by at least 80%. We need doctors and engineers. We don’t need gender studies majors or film studies majors or any similar nonsense. We also don’t need the absurd number of lawyers being churned out by our universities.

And unfortunately it’s the nonsensical courses to which women are attracted, and all these courses do is to make women angry and confused. If you have any doubts about this, try having a conversation with a female student doing one of these courses - they are incapable of doing anything other than getting angry and mouthing slogans that they don’t even understand. Their ignorance is exceeded only by their arrogance.

Of course by now all true conservatives are wringing their hands in horror that anyone would dare to express such wicked forbidden sentiments. But as I tried to point out to the commenter mentioned earlier, patriarchy is coming whether we like it or not. Within a few decades western Europe will be Islamic and it will be patriarchal. There aren’t going to be any gender studies courses taught. There isn’t going to be any feminism.

The irony of course is that women, and feminists in particular, have created the situation that is going to lead inevitably to the resurgence of patriarchy, of one form or another. Feminists have weakened our civilisation  to the point where invaders can simply walk in and take over. Which is exactly what they are going to do. Feminists can celebrate their triumph over Christian patriarchy but their celebrations are likely to be short-lived. Patriarchy will reassert itself one way or another because there is no viable alternative.


  1. The world has changed. We had been slowly and quietly (?) climbing up the civilisation slope and went over the top. Were we a 'patiarchy'? Possibly there were patriarchal aspects. Men were all too often left holding the baby, literally, as chidbirth was pretty gruesome for many women. Just read the Brontes/ But women generally ruled 'society' so we have to acknowledge matriarchy too.

    Personally, I see them both as peripherals made-up by feminists.

    We went over the top a few decades ago and are now on a very slippery slope to our civilisation's demise.

    There is much to be said for male and female roles as determined by nature. Our deteriorating society worships all nature except human. It hates humans. Patriarchal or matriarchal. I think nature never intended too many people to be overly bright. Universities are for the few - I agree. It is unfortunate that half-wits with little potential for it get to go there.

    The joy of a pub is the throughput of attitude variety. People like your astute self can always add a correction and be corrected in turn. As long as no-one pees on the carpet, I am happy.

  2. "Feminists have weakened our civilisation to the point where invaders can simply walk in and take over."


    Watching the Amfortas/DforDoom thing develop and am intrigued - one Catholic, one not. :)

    1. Both intelligent Human Gentlemen. :)

      Except I am not a gentleman anymore by a change to the War Act which used to describe my sort as 'Officers and Gentlemen' but was changed - excising the Gentlemen ref - when the bloody women came along demanding to be 'eeeekwall'.

      But Dfordoom remains one. :)

  3. I will say my understanding of Hindu, Muslim, Christian Orthodox, Jewish Orthodox and Catholics still have a "patriarchy". I can't see Japanese, Chinese, or Korean culture adapting feminist values. However, I don't know. In effect it's North America and Europe where the well has been significantly poisoned. Poisoned so significantly that the younger generation may never know any better. And things will continue to crumble. I deal with a lot of young people - 20s and 30s, all from broken homes. All emotional children.

    1. I will say my understanding of Hindu, Muslim, Christian Orthodox, Jewish Orthodox and Catholics still have a "patriarchy". I can't see Japanese, Chinese, or Korean culture adapting feminist values.

      The problem is that non-western societies don't set out to adopt feminist values. It starts with the young, and the intellectuals, and the urban elites, who start to ape western (and especially American) popular culture because it's cool and it makes them feel and clever and daring.

      But western (and especially American) popular culture comes as a package, and the package includes feminism and worship of homosexuality and atheism and mindless hedonism. The young, the intellectuals and the urban elites start mouthing slogans that they don't even understand. It grows insidiously. The pop music, the movies, the TV programs, the social media, all come loaded with propaganda.

      The only answer is to keep western popular culture out of your society, but the Americans aren't going to let you do that.