Wednesday, November 4, 2015

cognitive dissonance and cultural sensitivity

One of the fascinating things about this modern world of ours is the ever-rising level of cognitive dissonance. Even more extraordinary is that so many people seem not to notice.

To give one example, anti-racism is now part of the dogma of our new state religion. We are supposed to embrace diversity. We are supposed to be culturally sensitive as well. It’s a message that is not pushed merely by the elites in academia and the media. It is pushed by every political leader in the western world, and by virtually every politician.

When hordes of immigrants from the Third World arrive in the West we are told that we must respect their cultures. To expect these immigrants to adopt our values and beliefs would be racist.

We have also been instructed to feel guilt and shame about the colonialist past of western nations. Colonialism is as great a sin as racism. 

Now take a look at foreign policy. The West, led by the US, has embarked on a vigorous policy of regime change in various Middle Eastern countries. Existing regimes are destabilised or if that doesn’t work the countries are invaded. The purpose of this policy is to bring “freedom” and “democracy” to the inhabitants of these nations. Whether they want these things or not. It is nothing less than an attempt to impose western values on other countries at gunpoint.

Isn’t this cultural insensitivity on a truly breathtaking scale? Isn’t this racism? Isn’t this essentially colonialism?

In fact the old colonialism of the European powers was arguably more culturally sensitive and less destructive than this new colonialism. The United States is doing more than exporting “freedom” and “democracy” - it is exporting crony capitalism, the drug culture, pornography, sexual degeneracy, mindless consumerism, atheism and all the other things that have all but ruined the western world.

In a sane world we would expect immigrants to conform to our cultural values in our countries but we would respect their right to their own cultural values in their own countries. How we did we manage to get things so disastrously the wrong way around?

Xenophobia is supposedly a mortal sin but US foreign policy is xenophobic to a truly pathological degree. The fate of any nation or people not prepared to accept total economic, political and cultural subjugation to the US is demonisation to a degree that is truly terrifying. They don’t just face being demonised - they can expect to be economically strangled, bombed and if that doesn’t work invaded.

Much of the current demonisation of Russia and China seems to spring from the same dark sources. It appears to be driven by cultural xenophobia and to some extent racial xenophobia.

This Brave New World of ours certainly is a curious place.


  1. It's almost as if Western Foreign policy is actively evil... The major, sure and certain achievement over the past few years has been the all-but elimination of Christianity from the Middle East (except Israel) - by vandalism, violence, killings and expulsions. Since this has been serially repeated, and also deliberately concealed, it is clearly not-an-accident. I infer that this has in fact been the major (covert) purpose of this sequential destabilization and war.

    1. It's almost as if Western Foreign policy is actively evil...

      I don't think evil is too strong a word. In fact the hostility, in fact the out-and-out hatred, displayed towards Christianity is becoming so extreme that evil seems the only appropriate word. That's possibly the one area in which there is absolute consistency these days - both foreign policy and domestic policy displays the same anti-Christian bigotry.

  2. Feminists exhibit a lot of cognitive dissonance too.

    One way of thinking about cn is that it occurs when you ignore principles and make your decisions to favour people. For example feminists ignore their principles to favour non-whites.

    What makes it confusing is that the western left claims to be only bound by principles, so they need to pretend that their privileging of 'people' is based on principle. More confusing is that we are used to people privileging 'people'but usually only their own people, not foreigners. This helps to explain why the left gets away with the abandonment of principle.

    1. Feminists exhibit a lot of cognitive dissonance too.

      Feminists these days seem to exhibit nothing but cognitive dissonance. The kind of mental gymnastics they have to perform must be incredibly exhausting.