Monday, June 1, 2015

slow suicide of the Church of England

The slow suicide of the Church of England continues. After decades of trying to accommodate itself to the modern world, or trying to be “relevant” and groveling to the Left, the Church is reaping its just reward - empty churches.

Of course there’s not the slightest hint that the leadership has a clue what has happened. Much to the surprise of the Church hierarchy the rush to embrace the ordination of women and homosexuals has simply accelerated the decline. Just as conservatives expected.

My prediction is that the Church will respond by claiming that it simply hasn’t gone far enough. Their strategy will doubtless be to get rid of more of that old-fashioned stuff that they believe is holding the Church back. You know, all that religious stuff. The concept of Sin. Belief in God. The Ten Commandments. That stuff is so judgmental and oppressive! More group hugs are needed. The Church needs to go full speed ahead in becoming more feminised and more inclusive and more LGBTXYZ-friendly. Because that strategy has worked so well up to date. Pretty soon they’ll be rid of all those tiresome Christians, which will be a great relief to the bishops.

I tend to agree with Vox Day on this. We should shed no tears for the Anglicans - they have chosen their own fate. The Church of England has abandoned Christianity, so now Christians are abandoning the Church of England.

Meanwhile Islam, not exactly renowned for accommodating itself to the modern world, continues to boom in Britain.

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