Saturday, April 11, 2015

the defeat of the Old Left

This post follows on from my previous post the Left’s abandonment of economics in which I pointed out the curious lack of interest that the modern Left has in economic issues.

It seems to me that this is not really a case of the Left simply not caring any more. When you have leftist political parties being supported by billionaire businessmen you have to ask what is going on. Why are mega-rich capitalists supporting the Left? The answer is simple. There is no Left any more. These leftist political parties are in fact not the slightest bit leftist. Their obsession with social justice issues is merely a smokescreen that has been deployed (very successfully) to hide this fact from the voters.

It is easy for conservatives to convince themselves that the Left has triumphed almost completely. In fact the Left has been utterly defeated.

Or it might be more correct to say that the Left has been hijacked. The parties of the Left today are faithful servants of global capitalism. But it’s not just the leftist political parties. This applies to all the looney left pressure groups, from the environmentalist activists to the feminist crazies to the pro-immigration lobby. All these groups receive massive funding from super-rich corporations and billionaires. These corporations and plutocrats do not give money to their enemies. They are not that stupid. They give money to groups that support the interests of corporations and plutocrats. The objective is not to create a world safe for feminist lesbians or transexuals or trees and baby seals. The objective is to create a world safe for super-rich corporations and billionaires.

There is today no real difference between neocons and those who describe themselves as leftists or liberals. They are all dedicated to the pursuit of policies that protect the interests of global corporations. They are all supposedly dedicated to spreading the benefits of freedom and democracy, at gunpoint, to the rest of the world when in fact what they are really doing is ensuring that any opposition to global capitalism is crushed.

The more noise the “Left” (including the politicians and the media and the various leftist  lobby groups) makes about same-sex marriage or global warming the less likely it is that ordinary people will notice the ever-growing power and wealth of global capitalism.

The irony, and the tragedy, is that the destruction of the family and of religion and of European ethnic identity and morality are merely side-effects. Everything that is worthwhile about western civilisation is being trashed simply in order to make it easier for billionaires to make more billions.

Meanwhile the supposed conservative parties abandon more and more of the few principles they have left in order to pander to the same plutocrats.

Don’t misunderstand me. I like capitalism. I believe in it. But what we have now is a dangerous mutant form of capitalism dominated by corporations with no loyalties to any nation state or to anything or anyone besides their own profits and their own power. This is not free enterprise. It is a system that is not only toxic to ordinary working people it is equally toxic to small business.

It is worth pointing out that principled mainstream leftists (yes, such a species really did once exist) used to be in favour of patriotism, morality and the family. They used to be opposed to uncontrolled immigration. They held those views because they recognised that uncontrolled immigration, immorality and the destruction of the family were bad for the working class. This was the old Left and it has been totally destroyed.

What we have now is a war of the elites against the rest of us.

This is not to suggest that the culture wars are not worth fighting. We simply need to understand that cultural marxism today is financed by super-rich individuals and corporations for their own interests. The leftist foot soldiers of the culture wars are the dupes of the wealthy elites. They do not understand that they are fighting a war on behalf of people who despise them.

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