Thursday, January 29, 2015

around the blogosphere

Interesting stuff I’ve been reading lately on other people’s blogs:

In The Tyranny of the Bookish at Taki’s Mag John Derbyshire points out that too much education can be as bad as too little. I agree completely. The obsession that extending the dubious benefits of “higher” education to a larger and larger proportion of the population who neither need nor want it is somehow going to advance civilisation seems to me to be pure wishful thinking. 

On the other hand Hal Colebatch’s Celebrity Culture and Literacy’s Decline at Quadrant 
shows what happens when you pretty much abolish education altogether, as has been done in Britain. You get a country well on the way to joining the Third World.

Patrick J. Buchanan in The Price of Papal Popularity (at Taki’s Mag) makes some excellent points on the catastrophe to which Pope Francis is leading the Catholic Church. Buchanan admits that Pope Francis is extremely popular although I personally suspect that this pope is popular mainly among people who hate Christianity.

Frank Pledge’s Indigenous Culture and Vile Crimes (at Quadrant) exposes the horrific truth behind traditional aboriginal culture. 

It’s nice to read a good news story for once. And More Australians switched off ABC politically correct propaganda in 2014 at JoNova is very good news indeed. Perhaps eventually Tony Abbott will do what he should have done as soon as he was elected and pulled the plug on our noxious dinosaur public broadcaster.

Nice Deb has an amusing hatchet job on the egregious hypocrite Michael Moore who wins the coveted Weasel of the Week award.

Stuart Schneiderman in his post Men Who Crave Amputation at his excellent Had Enough Therapy? blog points out the eerie similarities between a bizarre mental disorder and the transgender madness.

Friday, January 23, 2015

choose your enemies carefully - Islam vs liberalism

It is clear that western civilisation faces two great threats. On the one hand there is Islam, on the other there is the liberal-feminist-homosexual-green death cult. The question is, which is the more dangerous enemy?

Many conservatives seem to view Islam as the more immediate threat. They may well be quite wrong. The fact is that there would be no Islamic threat in the first place had the liberal-feminist-homosexual-green death cult not destroyed the west’s will to live. The root cause of all the west’s problems is the triumph of cultural marxism. It is the despair, the self-loathing, the nihilism, the atheism and the degeneracy promoted by cultural marxism that has brought us to the brink of civilisational collapse. If western civilisation is to survive we need to get our priorities right. The destruction of cultural marxism must be the first objective.

In achieving this objective our most powerful ally may well be Islam. The only force in the modern world that seems at all likely to oppose the cultural marxist agenda is Islam.

Perhaps we should be hoping to see Islamic republics established as quickly as possible in countries like Sweden, the Netherlands, Britain and France. That might serve to concentrate the minds of Americans, Canadians, Australians and eastern Europeans. Eastern Europe is still predominantly Christian. The establishment of a caliphate in western Europe might persuade the eastern Europeans that perhaps it’s not a good idea to abandon Christianity, patriotism and self-respect.

It is not at all clear to me why social conservatives and conservative Christians should shed any tears over the imposition of sharia law in liberal cesspits like Sweden or the Netherlands. If it’s a choice between living under sharia law or living under the heel of the feminists I’m inclined to think that sharia law might well be preferable. Of course it might mean that women would lose their most precious right, the right to murder their unborn babies. Homosexuals might lose their most precious right, the right to spread their poison in the school system. 

The imposition of Islamic republics in western Europe might also hasten the demise of the European Union. That can only be a good thing.

The western Europeans have after all chosen their fate. Enoch Powell warned the British nearly half a century ago of the consequences of unrestricted immigration. They ignored him. The British, the French, the Swedes and the Dutch do still have a choice. They can vote against the political establishments. They do have alternative parties for which they can vote. If the French choose to reject the FN in the next presidential election then they have chosen their fate. If the Swedes choose to reject the Sweden Democrats they too will have chosen their fate. If the British choose a clown like Ed Milliband or David Cameron in their next general election they too will have voluntarily chosen self-destruction. In those circumstances they richly deserve the fate in store for them. The good news is that Islamification might be the prelude to the destruction of the liberal-feminist-homosexual-green death cult. If that is the only means by which that death cult can be destroyed then it might not be such a bad thing.

There is certainly no reason for genuine conservatives to lift a finger to save liberal atheism from Islam, or to save feminism from sharia law. 

I am no apologist for Islam. I would prefer western civilisation to survive, but it cannot survive so long as it nourishes within it the cancers of feminism, the radical homosexual agenda, atheism, nihilism, despair and degeneracy.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

the liberal-feminist death cult

There’s been a lot of talk in the past few years about Islam as a death cult. While Islam certainly has quite a bit of innocent blood on its hands, consider this. There are 3,000 abortions a day performed in the US. Islamic terrorists recently murdered a dozen people in Paris. In 2012 more than 220,000 abortions were carried out in France. If we’re looking for a death cult perhaps we’re looking in the wrong place?

Apart from this horrifying slaughter of the innocents the liberal-feminist death cult in the western world has all but destroyed marriage, causing untold misery for those children lucky enough not to be aborted. The same liberal-feminist death cult encourages thousands of people to undergo surgical mutilation in the pathetically deluded belief that they can somehow change their biological sex. The same death cult encourages the spreading of homosexual propaganda in schools.

This same death cult has undermined belief in all of the worthwhile traditions that made western civilisation great. Perhaps this is not quite genocide, but it’s pretty close to it. It’s certainly cultural genocide. 

I am not arguing in favour of Islam. I am merely pointing out that the self-hating self-destructive west is hardly in a position to claim the moral high ground.

Thousands of people in western countries convert to Islam every year. Given the west’s rush to cultural suicide this is hardly surprising. 

Any talk of resisting the Islamisation of Europe is just so much hot air as long as the liberal-feminist death cult remains firmly in control. Unless that death cult can be overcome there can be no hope. Even without the threat of Islam European civilisation will still be doomed to destruction. The enemy within is far more dangerous than any external threat.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

the determining factor in the decline of democracy

Vanishing American has an excellent post on the late Italian ethnopatriot Oriana Fallaci. One quote from Fallaci is particularly interesting. She said, “Fear is the determining factor in the decline of democracy.” Personally I’m inclined to believe that the determining factor in the decline of democracy is democracy itself. It’s the nature of democracy that is the problem.

Democracy breeds corruption. By corruption I don’t mean the handing over of paper bags filled with currency in back rooms. I mean corruption in a wider sense. If doing the right thing will cost you votes but doing the wrong thing will win votes then a democratic politician will have no difficulty persuading himself that doing the wrong thing is actually doing the right thing. If in doubt, bribe the voters with the promise of lots of free stuff.

Democracy breeds weakness. Making decisions involves political risks. Therefore the best thing to do is to avoid making decisions.

Democracy breeds moral cowardice. Taking a stand on moral principles might upset some voters so the best thing is to avoid having moral principles.

Why anyone ever thought that the best way to choose a government was by a popularity contest is beyond me.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

It’s Your Time You’re Wasting - British education on its last legs

In Frank Chalk’s It’s Your Time You’re Wasting a supply teacher gives us an insider’s look at the current state of the British education system. It makes depressing reading.

This is a system that almost seems designed to fail. It fails teachers, it fails society, but most tragically it fails British children.

A succession of stupid and short-sighted political decisions, combined with social decay and political correctness, have turned classrooms into battlegrounds where the chances of actually learning everything are very slight indeed. A complete breakdown of discipline allows badly behaved kids to prevent anyone else from learning.

Most tragic is that Britain used to have a system, based on the 11-plus examination and the streaming of bright kids into grammar schools, that allowed intelligent kids access to a superb education and the possibility of going to university regardless of how much or how little money their patents had. This system was abandoned in the interests of “fairness” and Britain now has an education system that ensures that only children with very wealthy parents have a chance of a good education. A shining example of the fact that ideas pushed by the Left never ever work, the result is that bright children without rich parents no have no way of escaping the vicious circle of welfare dependence, crime, drugs and general hopelessness.

Chalk also points out, quite correctly, that misguided ideas that have led to the tolerance of a ubiquitous drug culture have had devastating effects on children.

He reserves special venom for academics and social theorists. As he says, no modern idea on education has ever worked in practice.

The author does more than point out the failures of the present system. He offers practical suggestions as to how the system can be rebuilt although he admits that he believes there is no chance this will happen.

No human being could survive this insane system without a sense of humour and the author certainly has that although not surprisingly his sense of humour is rather black. It’s a type of gallows humour really, entirely appropriate in a society determined on self-destruction. He combines this humour with genuine compassion for the children whose lives are being destroyed by a system that is supposed to be there to serve them.

This book was originally published in 2006 with a revised edition (published by Monday Books) appearing in 2013.

It’s Your Time You’re Wasting is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand why Britain seems to be determined to go down the toilet even faster than the rest of the western world. Very highly recommended.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

feminist misogyny and sex

The fact that feminism is based on an overwhelming ignorance of what makes men tick is not terribly surprising. What might seem more surprising is that feminism is based on an equally overwhelming ignorance of what makes women tick.

The fact of the matter is that feminists don’t understand women because they don’t like women. Feminists believe that the only thing worth being is a man. They want to behave like men and they want to think like men, because they despise women. They hate any and every manifestation of femaleness. They hate themselves for being female. That’s bad enough, but they hate other women for wanting to be female.

The entire program of feminism is based on bullying women into behaving and thinking like men.

This is of course disastrous in almost every area of life. It is the reason that feminism has played such a key role in the destruction of the family.

Every thinking person is aware of feminism’s rabid hostility towards family life. What is perhaps not quite so obvious is the catastrophic effect of the feminist agenda on sexual behaviour. When it comes to sex there are two strands of feminist thought. There’s the “all sex is rape” strand and the “girls just want to have fun” strand (for these labels and for many of these ideas I’m indebted to this excellent recent post on the Upon Hope blog).

Both strands of feminist thought are equally hostile to normal female sexual behaviour. The first tries to bully women into giving up heterosexual sex altogether (which is of course very convenient as it provides more opportunities for the lesbian predators who find a happy home in modern feminism). Fortunately most women are uninterested in being coerced into lesbianism. The second strand is perhaps even more destructive. It results in women being pressured into behaving like men when it comes to sex. And that not only just doesn’t work for most women, it can lead to tragic and self-destructive behaviour.

This is where feminist ideology (as so often) comes into conflict with reality. Men want love just as much as women do but men are capable of separating sex from love. A man can not only have sex with a woman he doesn’t love (or doesn’t even know) - he can have great sex in such circumstances. Women, as a general rule, cannot separate sex from love. If they try to do this and if they give in to feminist pressure and try to practise male sexual behaviours they end up feeling not only empty and cheap but degraded as well. And since feminism has taught them that nothing can ever be a woman’s fault and that women never have to accept responsibility for their actions they often react by blaming men.

The effect of feminism on female sexual behaviour is destructive enough but feminism has also played a part in changing male sexual behaviour (a fine example of the good old Law of Unintended Consequences). Feminism has not only convinced women that promiscuity is good and that if they don’t enjoy being promiscuous then they’re either prudes or brainwashed by the patriarchy, it has also encouraged men to consider promiscuity as normal female behaviour. It has encouraged men to assume that women approach sex the same way men do and that therefore they should assume that a woman who accepts a date is naturally going to give them sex.

In other words, insofar as there is any reality to the feminist bogey of “rape culture” that rape culture has been largely created by feminism.

Another example of the delusional nature of feminism when it comes to sex is their strident campaign against “slut-shaming” which is naturally seen as yet another example of patriarchal sexism. In reality there are very good reasons why, for most of human history, most women have not wanted to behave like sluts and have mistrusted the small minority of women who do behave like sluts. Apart from the fact that such women have a tendency to wreck other women’s marriages they also spread sexually transmitted diseases. Today, as a result of the sexual revolution that was fueled to a large degree by feminists western countries are seeing rates of STD infection reaching epidemic proportions (as pointed out in this post on Stuart Schneiderman’s Had Enough Therapy? blog).

Women have had very sound reasons for avoiding sexual promiscuity in the past. Feminism, by bullying women into trying to behave like men, has doomed women to unhappiness. The feminists don’t care about this because they hate women anyway. Feminism is simply organised misogyny.