Saturday, March 24, 2012

a good news day in Australia as the Left gets kicked in the teeth

An extraordinary election result in Queensland today. After almost 14 years in office the Labor Party was not merely swept from power. It was annihilated. This is not an exaggeration. Labor, which won 51 seats in the previous election, may be left with as few as seven seats in the 89-seat Queensland Parliament. Prior to this Labor had won eight consecutive elections in Queensland.

The Labor Party may not even be able to form an official Opposition. Minor parties holding fewer than ten seats are not formally recognised as parties in the Queensland Parliament. And Labor is now very much a minor party in Queensland.

This electoral train wreck follows hot on the heels of Labor’s humiliating NSW election débâcle last year in which the party lost 32 of its 52 seats and was consigned to the political dustbin.

This makes the defeat of the Federal Labor government even more likely, even assuming that their tottering and much-hated minority government survives until the next scheduled general election in 2013. Federal Labor’s deeply unpopular extremist environmental policies such as the absurd carbon tax undoubtedly contributed to their disasters in both NSW and Queensland. Their immigration policies which have effectively opened the floodgates to unlimited Moslem immigration have been another factor in making the Labor Party stink in the nostrils of ordinary Australians.

The Queensland result today is the most overwhelming defeat the Labor Party has suffered since Federation in 1901. It is the most devastating political setback the Australian left has ever experienced.

And the news gets even better. The Greens vote was down as well. They won a mere 7.6% of the vote.

So it’s definitely been a very good news day in Australia.

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