Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cultural Marxism and the long war against civilisation

We should never forget that we are engaged in a war to the death to save civilisation. The enemy is Cultural Marxism. That has been the most dangerous enemy since the 1920s. It is the enemy within, the cancer cells slowly multiplying within the body politic.

And Cultural Marxism’s strategy is a very long-term one. They have been waging war against civilisation for the best part of a century and they are prepared to go on fighting for another century.

We are dealing with fanatics. In the long term they will accept nothing short of complete unconditional surrender to their agenda, which is the destruction of our civilisation.

Each battle they fight is merely a prelude to the next one. Each retreat we make gives them a new position from which to continue their offensive. Never ever believe a cultural marxist who seems to be prepared to compromise. They take your compromise, and then go straight back on the attack again for more.

If you look at gay marriage, they started out saying that all they wanted was for homosexuality to be decriminalised. Just one tiny concession, surely that was not too much to ask? When they got that they said that all they wanted was the removal of legal disabilities attached to homosexuality. Just one tiny concession, surely that was not too much to ask? Then they wanted civil unions. Then they wanted gay marriage but they assured us that churches wouldn't be forced to conduct such marriages. Once they get that, they will start pushing for churches to be compelled to perform such marriages.

They started out in most countries just wanting abortions in special circumstances, and only in the early stages of pregnancy. Then the push was on to extend the “right” to abortion, step by step.

And we must never lose sight of the bigger picture. Each battle is part of a wider campaign, each campaign is just another battlefront in their war. Every beachhead they establish is the jumping-off point for another offensive. The foot-soldiers of Cultural Marxism are often unaware of all this. They’re just the Useful Idiots. They don’t need to know the overall campaign strategy.

That's why it's a mistake to go on the defensive. We have to force them onto the defensive. You have to start attacking the gains they've already made. We have to destroy their beachheads.

That might seem hopeless, but the task of Cultural Marxism seemed hopeless 80-odd years ago. Even in the 1960s no-one seriously thought that western civilisation could be brought to the brink of destruction. Now they're within sight of final victory. Every retreat we make from this point on brings them closer to that final victory. We have very little ground left to give up. Unless we regain some of the lost ground we cannot win.

Recent events in Australia (see my most recent post) show just how vulnerable the Left is when it’s on the defensive. There is an immense but unfocused rage out there amongst ordinary people at the slow strangling of our society. That rage just needs to be focused.


  1. The enemy is Cultural Marxism.
    This diagnoses a paranoid psychopath: his dhimmis are Socialists.

    The paranoid Mohammad, and his dhimmis are Muslims.

    The paranoid Pederast and his dhimmis are multi-sexuals.

    The intimidated today are the children in schools and madrassas. Educated to the guilt of holding any property at all; be it wealth, mind or of body.

    The resulting incontinent are easly prised of their values and feasted upon for their carbon-tax, for their submission, for their young.

    Paralysed by fear of the imaginings of criminals deliberately let lose to run among them they plea to be protected from thieves, Jinns and paedophiles.

    The Art of War is to make your enemy run freely into your arms and be glad.

    The spoils divided among the elite who know each other.

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  3. Of course, capitalism of the 1960s was a far more timid affair, and a had a lot more red-tape protecting social and governmental capital (which is now being sold off for short term budgetary gains)... so I don't think this "Cutural Marxism" can really be blamed. I mean, just look at the latest GFC - the left weren't exactly the cause if you get my drift.

  4. @fickbowt: Although I'm a firm believer in capitalism and although I believe that socialism is a totally failed ideology I must confess that I'm not a huge fan of the type of globalist capitalism that we have today. To some extent though I think it actually is the fault of cultural marxism which has eroded belief in any kind of loyalties whatsoever - loyalties to country, to community, to family. So modern capitalists see no reason to have any ethics. They have adopted the nihilism of the Left.

    And certainly the morality of politicians, of both Left and Right, has declined catastrophically. Cynicism, opportunism and nihilism are the guiding principles in politics.

  5. Personally I don't believe that anyone who has a genuine desire for a better world is a nihilist.

    But yes - show me a corporation and I'll find the person there in charge of giving sexual harassment seminars. McDonalds and Coke both like to put blacks and asians in their advertisements as to appeal to the widest audiences of racial super-friends... but is capitalism being looked at as the source of Multiculturalism, feminism, or political correctness?

    NO. Because it makes sense that companies would want women to feel comfortable working for them. That advertisers want to seem appealing and friendly to everyone. That religion is going to fall away as the world of science gains explanatory power. These aren't expressions of Marxist theory infecting our culture - they're functions of capitalism and good will. Plain and simple, but those who push this Christian Conservative conspiracy theory won't accept what I've said here as an explanation - because they are as much ideologues as a hardcore Marxist Soviet could ever dream of being.

    1. @ fickbowt
      Plain and simple, but those who push this Christian Conservative conspiracy theory won't accept what I've said here as an explanation - because they are as much ideologues as a hardcore Marxist Soviet could ever dream of being.

      I'm neither a conservative nor a Christian. On economic issues I'm centre-left - I believe in the welfare state, I'm in favour of government intervention in the economy. I'm opposed to globalism and free trade. I'm generally in favour of religion and I'm not anti-Islam (although I'd prefer much lower levels of immigration). But I'm not a Christian. I distrust atheism because atheists these days seem to me to be as bigoted and doctrinaire as conservative Christians. I guess I'd be happy to be described as an agnostic.

      I don't think of myself as an ideologue - I dislike political correctness because its supporters seem to me to be dogmatic ideologues.

  6. gay marriage is coming on the agenda in 2016and is part of agenda 2030