Wednesday, February 29, 2012

politics and the mob

The French Revolution did not invent the mob, but it did perhaps invent the political mob. Or at least the mob as a tool of those with a political agenda. The French Revolution led to chaos, mass murder and eventually tyranny. The mob’s record has not improved since then.

The Communist and National Socialist gangs who battled it out on the streets of Weimar Germany were the direct descendants of the thuggish sans-culottes of the French Revolution. The appearance of the mob rarely leads to happy results. The mob is essentially fascistic. Violence and intimidation are its methods. Mobs represent the triumph of irrationality and hate. Those who believe in democracy, free debate and political freedom are the victims of mobs, not the instigators. Those who see mobs as demonstrations of “people power” inhabit a dream world.

The student radicals of the 60s were part of the same historical pattern. Once again their methods were violence and intimidation. They were not motivated by a desire for open debate. Their objective was to shut down opposition, not to promote the free exchange of ideas. They were the instruments of the hard left.

The hard left has always gravitated towards political thuggery. They have routinely used mobs as a weapon against freedom of speech. Indeed they have played a major part in transforming universities into bastions of intolerance where dissent is ruthlessly suppressed.

The most recent descendants of the Revolutionary mob are the thugs of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The only real difference is that the OWS mobs are dirtier than most. They are as fascistic as their forebears.

The reason that Tea Party rallies do not descend into thuggery is that violence and intimidation are not the natural weapons of those who believe in freedom. They are the natural weapons of those behind the Occupy Wall Street movement. Unwashed hippies are always fascists at heart.

Monday, February 27, 2012

leftwing myths #1 - the myth of Big Business

One of the most pervasive myths spread by the Left is that conservatives can rely on the unstinting support of those wicked capitalists in Big Business.

In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Big Government and Big Business are not enemies. The hallmark of our present system is an unholy, corrupt and corrupting alliance between government and business.

The last thing Big Business wants is a true free market. That means competition, and risk. Big Business relies on government to protect it from such horrors. The price they pay is an insane degree of regulation but it’s worth it in order to have predictability. And excessive regulation hurts small businesses far more than it hurts big businesses, so in fact it benefits big corporations by wiping our competition from smaller firms.

There’s an even bigger payoff for big business - their alliance with government means they can always rely on being bailed out if things go wrong.

It’s in the interests of Big Business to have Big Government, and it’s also in their interests to have governments in office that are committed to perpetuating this system. In other words, governments of the Left. Which is why, in western countries, we no longer have true conservative parties. Our so-called conservative parties are afraid to rock the boat by pursuing genuinely conservative policies - that would spell the end of any prospect of support from the big end of town.

That’s also why so many large corporations are prepared to support and to promote truly insane climate change policies - those policies mean lots of taxpayers’ money will be coming their way if they can just pretend to be sufficiently green. The fact that these policies are unnecessary and wouldn’t work anyway is irrelevant because it’s the taxpayer who will pick up the tab.

When President Eisenhower in his speech in 1961 warned of the peril of the military-industrial complex he should have been warning of the much greater dangers of the government-industrial complex.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

why leftists want to rewrite history

One of the reasons that leftists are so keen on rewriting history is that history is so very embarrassing to them.

One of the many embarrassing facts of history is that socialists in the first half of the 20th century were extremely enthusiastic about eugenics and racial purity. Prominent socialists like H. G. Wells, Sidney Webb and George Bernard Shaw were fanatically pro-eugenics. Most of the leftist enthusiasm for birth control was motivated by racism and by fear of the pollution of society by the “unfit.”

In the US it was progressives who were most anxious to introduce eugenics legislation.

Left-liberals in the US like to forget that segregation and the Jim Crow laws were supported by the Democratic Party, and that most of the early efforts to introduce civil rights legislation were made by Republicans.

In Australia the Left tries very hard to forget that the Labor Party was incredibly keen on the White Australia Policy. It was a Labor Immigration Minister (and later Labor leader), Arthur Calwell, who made the famous remark that, “Two wongs don’t make a white.”

The history of leftist politics sheds interesting light on modern liberals’ obsession with abortion and social control

It must be very exhausting being a leftist, having to constantly cover your tracks.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

the problem with social experiments

The problem with social experiments is that they can’t be performed in a laboratory, and they can’t easily be reversed. Many of the social experiments that have had such catastrophic consequences seemed like a good idea at the time.

Removing the stigma on illegitimacy is a classic example. At the time it certainly seemed like a humane idea. No-one really foresaw that it would contribute to the destruction of family life.

Even the liberalisation of divorce laws seemed relatively innocuous to most people. Divorce is always traumatic and it was easy to convince oneself that making divorce less of an ordeal would simply make life easy for a relatively small number of people. Very few people foresaw that it would fatally weaken the institution of marriage.

The introduction of welfare payments for single mothers is less easy to defend, but it was done at a time when it was easy to believe that only a relatively small number of people would be affected.

Childcare was another fatal step, and that’s one bad decision for which no excuses can be offered. The idea of shifting the responsibility for child-rearing away from the family to the state was always a disastrously bad idea.

The legalisation of homosexual activities has widely believed to be a positive step, and again the dangerous consequences were not recognised at the time.

Unfortunately all these things, when combined with the contraceptive pill and the rise of feminism, have utterly destroyed the traditional family.

Of course there have been other forces at work, undermining our society. The cult of personal pleasure and the elevation of sexuality to a central place in society, to the point where sexual identity and sexuality is seen as the be-all and end-all of what makes us individuals, have been equally damaging.

It’s true that there was always a small minority actively seeking to destroy the family as an important step towards their dream of a socialist utopia but none of these social experiments could have occurred had not a significant proportion of the populace allowed themselves to be persuaded that these measures were basically harmless. That’s how societies destroy themselves - it’s a kind of accidental suicide.

That’s really the main reason for opposing homosexual marriage. Every such social experiment attempted thus far has weakened the family and weakened society. Can we afford yet another experiment the results of which cannot be predicted?

What is inexcusable is that once it became obvious that these failed social experiments were destroying our society so-called conservative political leaders did nothing to undo the damage. Mainstream conservative political leaders have displayed shameful cowardice on social issues. This is even more disgraceful given that the majority of voters (and I am convinced of this) would have supported them had they taken action.

I still believe that most conservatives, as distinct from party leaderships, would back actions to take back our society from the hardline leftists and feminists.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the transgender crime against humanity

Nothing horrifies me quite so much as the concept of transgender children. The very notion that children have any kind of understanding of the full ramifications of such momentous life choices is both ludicrous and deeply evil.

Children and teenagers are always confused about sexuality because they lack the life experiences needed to make sense of these things. To take advantage of the normal confusions of adolescence in order to further a political agenda is evil on a scale that must appall any intelligent person. And there is not the slightest doubt that there is a political agenda at work.

Young people are being persuaded to take irreversible steps that will take away from them any chance at all of ever having a normal life. I personally very much doubt if even a person in their twenties has sufficient experience of life to make such decisions, but a recent report confirms that “treatment” is often undertaken on children as young as 11.

This is a tragedy and a crime against humanity

Even more chilling is the fact that these kids are often pressured into “questioning” their “sexual identity” or their “gender identity” by their own parents.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Newtonian physics deniers

One of the characteristics of the scientific method is its willingness to accept new evidence, even if that evidence casts doubts on what were previously considered to be established truths of science.

For two hundred years Newtonian physics was accepted as the explanation for the way the physical world works. In the late 19th century the work of a number of scientists, scientists such as Max Planck, began to undermine this impressive edifice. So what happened to Max Planck? They gave him a Nobel Prize. The German Physical Society named the Max Planck Medal for him - one of the most prestigious of all prizes awarded to theoretical physicists.

Albert Einstein was another physicist whose work on quantum mechanics and relativity put the final nail in the coffin of Newtonian physics. He picked up a Nobel Prize as well.

It’s significant that there was no attempt made to stop such scientists from publishing papers that questioned scientific orthodoxies. These scientists were not labelled as “Newtonian physics deniers” and were not told that their work was unnecessary because “the science is settled.”

Of course the difference is that Newtonian physics was a scientific theory, not a political ideology. And there is not the slightest doubt that climate change is a political ideology.

How has science become so politicised?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

the unpredictability of history

It’s easy to fall for the myth of the inevitability of history. But the one thing that is certain about history is that nothing is certain.

Most of the significant political events of the past three decades or so have come as a complete surprise to political pundits, journalists and historians. In 1976 no-one would have predicted that within four years Ronald Reagan would be President of the United States and that within less than fifteen years the Cold War would be won and the Berlin Wall would be no more than a memory.

Ten years ago even the most optimistic global warming sceptics would not have predicted that the global warming hoax would crash and burn as spectacularly as it has, to the point where even the Europeans (the Europeans!!) are losing faith in the fantasies of solar power and wind farms.

Ten years ago no-one would have expected that a doctrinaire Marxist who openly hates the US would be in the White House.

Ten years ago no-one would have predicted the rise of the Tea Party.

Ten years ago who would have expected the rise of the Freedom Party in the Netherlands? Who would have expected that even in Sweden, the most oppressively totalitarian of all European leftist regimes, a party like the Sweden Democrats would have emerged?

Politics in western countries has become extremely volatile. The old tribal political allegiances are meaningless. We’ve seen this happen in Australia, in the recent NSW election, when the Labor Party made the unpleasant discovery that there’s no such thing as a safe Labor seat. There’s no such thing as a safe seat.

That’s why it’s foolish to become excessively optimistic or excessively pessimistic. There will always be opportunities, we just have to be ready to grab them when they appear.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

the Hollywood blacklist and the rewriting of history

The practice of rewriting history to give it the approved left-wing spin has been applied energetically to the early Cold War period. Not just to Senator McCarthy’s investigations but also to the investigations of Hollywood by the House Un-American Activities Committee.

In fact many liberals know so little of the real history of those times that they think McCarthy was responsible for the HUAC hearings in spite of the fact that as a senator he obviously had no connection with a House committee, and in spite of the fact that HUAC’s probing of left-wing influence in Hollywood began when McCarthy was still a newly-elected and completely unknown senator.

Just as McCarthy turned out to be right about Soviet spies in the State Department and the Defence Department, so too HUAC was entirely correct in its view that Hollywood was overrun by communists and communist fellow travellers. Most of the “innocent” victims of the Hollywood blacklist that liberals have elevated into martyrs for freedom really did hold extreme left-wing views and they really were consciously and deliberately using Hollywood to propagate those views. If they weren’t actually traitors they were very close to it. They were certainly actively working to subvert their own country (or in the case of the various émigrés their adopted country).

Of course the situation today is much worse and the state of modern Hollywood provides ample evidence that the threat perceived by HUAC was very real indeed.

Like the term “McCarthyism” the blacklist has been used by the Left as a stick with which to beat anyone who dares to disagree with them. And their rewriting of history has been so successful that today their version of events, a version that maintains that communist infiltration of Hollywood was merely a paranoid conspiracy theory, is accepted unquestioningly.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Planned Parenthood’s racist genocidal roots

Planned Parenthood is one of the Left’s favourite organisations. They will do anything to defend the largest abortion provider in the US. What the Left doesn’t want people to know is that Planned Parenthood was from its inception deeply imbued with a racist authoritarian ethos.

The founder of Margaret Sanger was an enthusiast for eugenics. Her aim in setting up the organisation was to conduct a genocidal war against those she considered to be unfit - primarily the working class and black people.

That’s bad enough, but racism is not just part of this organisation’s murky past. Planned Parenthood is still targeting minorities, especially blacks.

Sanger didn’t just hate poor people and blacks though. She combined racism with anti-Catholic bigotry.

Planned Parenthood has been an enthusiastic supporter of President Obama. Obama of course is strongly pro-abortion, in spite of the fact that a black baby is much more likely to be aborted than a white baby. Life is full of little ironies, isn’t it?

It should be pointed out that Planned Parenthood is not alone in this. The whole birth control movement has its roots in eugenics.

Nor is the abortion industry the only offender. They have much in common with the environmentalists. If you go back to the 1970s when the environmentalists first started to become hysterical about “overpopulation” it was obvious that much of the motivation behind their campaign was racist. As it still is. When greens today tell us that the world’s population needs to be reduced what they mean is that lots of unnecessary people need to be exterminated. And it goes without saying that the people to be exterminated won’t include green supporters who are overwhelmingly white and middle-class.

Elitism is as characteristic of the Left as hypocrisy, and always has been.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

the rewriting of history - the Cold War

Apart from enforcing Newspeak on us the other favourite tool of the Left is the rewriting of history, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the case of the Cold War.

The accepted version of these events is that the Cold War was entirely the fault of wicked US imperialists. This version is now unquestioned and the generations that have grown up since the Cold War have never been exposed to anything upsetting, such as the truth.

A key component of the liberal version of these events is that the investigations carried out by Senator Joe McCarthy and by the House Un-American Activities Committee were part of a diabolical paranoid conspiracy theory and that there were no Soviet spies in the US in the 1940s and 1950s.

This is a spectacular liberal lie. In spite of frantic attempts by the liberal establishment to destroy key evidence, a process convincingly documented in M. Stanton Evans’ excellent book Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies, there is now more evidence available on this subject than was the case at the time.

Material from the US Army’s code-breaking Venona project of the 40s was not publicly available until 1995. In addition there have been memoirs by ex-KGB officers, and a number of scholarly works on the murky and unsavoury history of the Left in the United States and the Left’s later attempts to whitewash this history (such as John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr's In Denial: Historians, Communism, and Espionage).

It is now clear that the Soviet penetration of the US government and US institutions was in fact more widespread and more serious than even Senator McCarthy imagined. There is also no longer any doubt that people like Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were indeed Soviet spies. The execution of the Rosenbergs, far from being an example of wicked persecution of innocent liberals, was entirely justified.

The penetration of the US State Department was on a gigantic scale. There were so many Soviet agents in the State Department that anyone under suspicion could sleep easily knowing that if they were investigated the investigations would almost certainly be carried out by fellow Soviet spies or by reliable communist sympathisers.

McCarthy was neither deluded nor evil. He was a courageous patriot whose memory has been shamefully blackened by liberals. Sadly even most conservatives today do not recognise that McCarthy was right. And the situation today is far worse than it was in McCarthy’s day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

a good news story for once

It’s always a pleasure to find a good news story. The circulation of Australia’s most left-wing newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, has plummeted by 12% in the past year. Its equally left-wing Melbourne stablemate, The Age, also experienced a severe fall.

The more moderate Australian newspapers such as the Telegraph are holding their ground surprisingly well, and the circulation of The Australian has actually increased marginally.

So it’s reasonable to assume that the calamitous performance of the left-wing press is at least partially a reflection of the extent to which they are out of touch with the Australian people.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

conservatives must fight leftist control of the language

The Left has always understood the importance of controlling the language. For most people Orwell’s 1984 was a dire warning of the dangers of totalitarianism. For leftists it’s been more of a how-to manual. And they recognised that Newspeak was the key. If you control the language you control the political debate.

Today Newspeak dominates the western world. The Left has been remarkably successful in persuading us to accept neutral or feel-good words for evil deeds, and emotionally loaded threatening words for perfectly normal behaviour and perfectly reasonable beliefs.

This is something that needs to challenged, and challenged vigorously.

Take the term pro-choice. It sounds very positive, but in fact it would be far more accurate to describe the pro-choice movement as the pro-death movement.

In Australia we have largely accepted the use of the term asylum seekers for people who are simply illegal immigrants. They are not victims, they are criminals.

We accept the use of the term “pro-democracy activists” for Islamic extremists whose aim is to turn every state in the Arab world into a medieval theocracy. The example of Egypt is telling. Airheads like Jimmy Carter might object that the results of the Egyptian election represent a triumph for democracy. The reality is that anyone who believes that the Islamists, once firmly established in power, will tolerate any of the features we associate with democracy - freedom of speech, dissent, open debate, a free press - is living in cloud cuckoo land.

When racism is practised by whites it is labelled as racism. When whites are the victims it is called diversity. Or social justice. When women face discrimination it is labelled sexism. When men face discrimination it is described as affirmative action.

The classic example is the word liberal. It sounds so wholesome. It suggests tolerance, open-mindedness and freedom. Can you see any evidence that modern liberals believe is any of these things?

Orwell also understood that once the language is controlled the next step is the rewriting of history. This is already well under way. But the Left today is more subtle than Big Brother. Sometimes you don’t need to alter the facts. All you need to do is to alter some key words, and give things a slight twist. So today most people believe that the Nazis and the Fascists were right-wing extremists. But in fact the party Hitler belonged to was the National Socialist Party. Mussolini always regarded himself as a socialist. The reason the National Socialists and the Bolsheviks hated each other was the same reason the Communists and Trotskyists hated each other. They represented competing strands of socialism. And nothing is more vicious than a quarrel within a family.

Unless we can begin to wrest back control of the language from the Left we are doomed to lose every political struggle.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the denormalisation of normality

The Cultural Leftists have worked very hard to normalise deviance. They have been working equally hard to denormalise normality.

They firstly targeted marriage and family life. That campaign has largely succeeded. The traditional family lies in ruins.

Their second target was motherhood. There were two strands to this attack. The first was to encourage abortion. The second was to vilify and ridicule mothers who wanted to raise their own children instead of dumping the kids in government-approved childcare centres. The problem with the family is that distracts people from what should be their first loyalty, loyalty to the state.

If you actually believe that marriage should be regarded as something more than a short-term sexual liaison or that married couples should remain faithful you’re likely to be regarded as completely mad.

Another major target has been Christianity. This has also been largely successful. Today if you’re a Christian you’re well advised to keep it to yourself for fear of being regarded as being at best eccentric, at worst a wicked oppressor.

Normal attitudes towards sexuality have been demonised. If you’re even mildly sceptical of claims that homosexuality is natural, or if you are unwise enough to point out that the homosexual lifestyle is self-destructive, you are accused of homophobia. And for the Cultural Left there is no greater sin. If you’re unlucky enough to live in one of the totalitarian Scandinavian countries you may even risk arrest.

The psychiatric industry is now working on classifying homophobia as a mental illness. We can expect other perversions such as chastity to eventually be added to the list. The long-term aim will of course be to have conservatism classified as a mental illness. You think I’m joking? Psychiatry was used to crush dissent in the old Soviet Union so it is reasonable to assume that the modern heirs of Stalinism are aware of its usefulness as a means of silencing opposition.

when moonbats meet reality

The global warming scam is clearly unravelling, and unravelling fast. And as the global economy edges closer to collapse voters everywhere are becoming more focused on real issues and less interested in greenie fantasies.

Increasingly panicky governments are also starting to look askance at economy-destroying extremist green policies. Even the wishy-washy Cameron government in Britain is cutting back on funding for useless wind farms.

Leftist governments have a further problem. Growing unemployment and declining living standards, essential components of the green agenda, are likely to be increasingly resisted by unions. The Left might dream longingly of the destruction of the wicked capitalist system but leftist politicians will put their careers first. Even someone like Obama will put re-election before his yearning to destroy America.

Environmentalism is a luxury for wealthy guilt-ridden middle-class white people. When economic catastrophe looms the rest of the populace will choose jobs and schools and hospitals in preference to windmills and massively subsidised electric cars.

If political survival means ditching green policies we all know what choice politicians will make.

So what will be the response of the green extremists to all this? My prediction is that they will become much more angry, much more extreme and much more strident. They are also likely, like the Occupy Wall Street scum, to become increasingly violent.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

the normalisation of deviance

Over the past half-century we’ve seen in action an insidious process whereby behaviour that was once regarded as deviant or immoral has been normalised. This has happened throughout the western world. This is Cultural Marxism in action.

There are five outstanding examples of this - marijuana, homosexuality, abortion, sharia law and crime.

Even in places where marijuana is still technically illegal it is now, in practice, treated as essentially normal and of no consequence. Left-leaning judges and magistrates have simply refused to enforce the law. The police have largely given up enforcing the law as well because there’s no point.

We have seen a massive campaign to persuade us that homosexuality is not a perversion that should be tolerated but perfectly natural and normal. It’s got to the stage in some of the Scandinavian countries that to even suggest that homosexuality might not be natural and normal is illegal. As is usual with the Left the will of the people is something to be ignored. The response of the Left to Proposition 8 in California is a textbook example of the methods of the Left. A clear majority of Californians voted against homosexual marriage. The Left immediately set out to overturn the will of the people.

Schools are now re-education camps where children are taught that homosexuality is not just normal, it’s fun and glamorous.

The legalisation of abortion was not enough for the Cultural Left. We have to be persuaded that abortion is not merely acceptable, but is a positive thing, something to be celebrated. The old saying used to be that her wedding day was the biggest day in a woman’s life. Now it appears that the most important day in a woman’s life is the day she has her first abortion and thereby celebrates her freedom, by killing her baby.

Even twenty years ago sharia law and other exciting benefits of multi-culturalism would have been regarded (quite rightly) as barbaric. Honour killings would have regarded with abhorrence. Now they’re just part of Diversity.

Even crime has been largely normalised by the Cultural Marxists. Unless of course the crime happens to be committed by a white heterosexual male. Any other crime is merely part of the privilege of victimhood, or it’s a natural response to the evils of capitalism, patriarchy or any other left-wing fantasy bugaboo. The violent scum of the Occupy movement are not unwashed vicious thugs, they’re political warriors. They’re heroes.

It goes without saying that ordinary people have not ben given a say in any of this. The trouble with ordinary people is that they can’t be relied upon to support the agenda of the Cultural Left so it’s best not to consult them. The political class, along with leftist judges, social workers, bureaucrats and “activists” know what’s best for the people so there’s no need actually to ask the people what they want.

Welcome to the Brave New Word of Cultural Marxism. You might as well learn to love it because you’re not going to be given the choice. Dissent cannot and will not be permitted. Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Friday, February 3, 2012

the west's dangerous fantasy about Islam and democracy

Few things are more disheartening than the west’s naïvety about the Islamic world. There are people in the west who genuinely believe that the overthrow of Assad in Syria will automatically lead to peace, freedom and democracy.

You would think that events in Egypt, where we now face the prospect of a dangerously unhinged extreme Islamist government, would have convinced even liberals that supporting “pro-democracy” forces in the Arab world is dangerous folly. But the fantasy of the Arab Spring remains unshaken.

The news media tells people that the forces opposing Assad are freedom-loving democrats and people believe them. In fact of course any genuine believers in western liberalism or democracy in the Arab world are a minority who are completely out of touch with reality. When elections were held in Egypt they got an unpleasant reality check. All their friends on facebook were liberals so they innocently assumed that represented the feelings of the country at large.

If Assad falls we can look forward to another Arab Islamist nation dedicated to the destruction of western civilisation.

The west’s naïvety about Iran’s nuclear weapons program is even more terrifying. It’s not just a remote possibility that Iran might use nuclear weapons against Israel. It’s an absolute certainty. They see it as a religious duty. They’re not worried about the consequences because Allah will ensure their triumph. They are convinced that the moral weakness of the West has progressed to the point where western nations will simply stand by and watch as they attempt to destroy Israel. And they’re almost certainly correct.

Even Neville Chamberlain wasn’t that dumb. While he practised his disastrous policy of appeasement Britain was frantically re-arming. They hoped for peace, but prepared for war. Today the west hopes for peace, and prepares for surrender.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

easy ways to cut spending

There’s major concern throughout the western world at ballooning national debts and budget deficits. Australia has considerable problems in this area. And yet there are so many simple ways that government spending could be cut.

More than a billion dollars is spent each year on our Soviet-style state broadcasting network, the ABC. Why on earth are taxpayers funding this bloated dinosaur? Why not turn it into a subscription-only service so that the handful of people who want to watch the ABC can pay for the privilege? Or if they can find corporate sponsors silly enough to want to sponsor programs that nobody watches then it could be funded that way. The important thing is that the taxpayer should not be paying a cent towards its upkeep.

In 2010-11 the Australia Council merrily gave away $163 million in grants to the arts. If artists and artistic companies cannot survive without grants then clearly they are selling a product that the public does not want. It is simply a form of welfare for artists and other “creative” people. Here is another easy way for the government to save money. As for those “creative” people currently living off the taxpayer, they could always get real jobs.

Australia wastes around $250 million annually on programs to fight “climate change” and other environmentalist nonsense in Third World countries. Since it’s now obvious that man-made climate change is a fraud and a scam, there’s another $250 million that can be saved.

To be honest I’d question whether any of the $4.8 billion we give in “foreign aid” is actually worthwhile.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Islam and the Left - a doomed marriage

The bizarre alliance between the radical Left and extremist Islam has been greeted with a mixture of despair and amazement by intelligent observers.

The feature that has excited the most wonder has been of course the combination of hypocrisy and self-loathing exhibited by the Leftists.

The strangest element of all however is the truly astonishing inability of the Left to grasp the blindingly obvious fact that from Islam’s point of view this alliance is strictly temporary. In the short term it guarantees virtually unlimited immigration for Muslims into western countries and virtually unlimited welfare payments when they get there, so they can concentrate on planning the jihad without the annoying distraction of having to work for a living.

Once the Muslim populations of western nations reach a certain critical mass the Left will be in for a very rude shock. Leftist parties will find their support among Muslims suddenly vanishing. Muslims will turn to purely Islamic political parties along the lines of the Muslim Brotherhood and other even more extreme Islamist parties. There are already Islamic political parties in some European countries. Do leftists seriously believe that in the long term Muslims will continue to support parties that push the left-wing agendas of atheism, radical feminism, liberalisation of drug laws, abortion and gay marriage?

Leftists truly do live in a dream world.