Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The joys of hypocrisy

Hypocrisy has always been with us but it has really blossomed over the past few decades.

Some prime examples are the people who believe passionately that the government should be spending immense sums on mass transit but who have have never caught a bus or a train in their lives. There are people who are True Believers in the coming Climate Change apocalypse but they don’t seem to think that their beach houses in Malibu will be affected by rising sea levels. There are the passionate antiracists who live in towns that are 98% white.

There are libertarians who seem quite happy to enjoy the benefits of living in a society with a government rather than heading off into the wilderness to put their beliefs in rugged individualism into practice. There are American libertarians who are very happy to make use of America’s impressive national highway system, paid for by the taxpayer.

There are Zionist Jews who don’t want to give up their apartments in Manhattan to move to Tel Aviv. Liberals who think that intolerance is evil and believe that people who disagree with them should be sent to prison. People who think everybody should be free to love whomever they like but they’ll go berserk if their boyfriend decides to put that into practice by loving a younger hotter woman.

There are conservatives who claim to be horrified by the degeneracy of popular culture and particularly the degeneracy of Hollywood but they’ll still take the family to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster, oblivious to the fact that they’re funding the degeneracy of which they claim to disapprove. And they’ll still keep their cable TV connection, even as they complain about the anti-conservative propaganda on cable TV.

You can’t avoid a certain degree of hypocrisy. One man’s hypocrisy is another man’s flexibility. But it is healthy to at least be aware of one’s own hypocrisies.


  1. "People who think everybody should be free to love whomever they like but they’ll go berserk if their boyfriend decides to put that into practice by loving a younger hotter woman."
    This one's oft-neglected and I'm glad you brought it up.
    Australia is full of morons who compete to see who's the most accommodating towards gay marriage, yet hate the idea of men having any interest in women more than a few years younger than themselves.
    It's the last acceptable prejudice. Everything else goes but if you fancy a seventeen-year-old girl, you're a creep with issues. It's OK for a woman to like a much younger man, but men better be looking only at women around their own age.
    Even media sources that are otherwise willing to entertain many "incorrect" ideas, baulk at this one. Andrew Bolt for example, criticised Jeffrey Epstein for involving a 17-y-o girl in his prostitution ring. Oh no! She was only a little girl! I happen to think there's a lot more to the Epstein saga than is being reported in the mainstream press, and that they're throwing out chaff in order to cover the real much uglier stuff, but having said that, most of what they HAVE reported on hardly qualifies as either rape or paedophila.
    Same deal with the allegations about Prince Andrew-oh no, she was only a 17-y-old baby with no decision-making powers of her own, and wouldn't be having sex with a young man her own age if she wasn't otherwise engaged.
    The ABC's bad for this. I saw on ABC news last year a story about a murder trial-in Ballarat, I believe. Names and ages of victims and alleged perpetrators are given in these kinds of stories as a matter of course, but the ABC had to go one better and say that a man was on trial for murdering his much younger girlfriend. Got that, audience? The subtext is that man who go out with younger women will tend to be dangerous and men probably shouldn't legally be allowed to go out with women more than a few years younger than themselves. In case you're wondering, the unfortunate murdered young woman was over eighteen. Even eighteen's not good enough any more.
    I could give more examples, but all the Angloshere media and entertainment does it. In a movie on SBS last night, Michael Caine's character expressed disapproval at the idea of a man marrying an 18-y-old girl. Sixty Minutes and A Current Affair also never fail to register their indignation whenever a man with a much younger woman is a part of a story.
    As to the reasons, this is already a very long post so I'll briefly mention perhaps the main one: older female jealousy.
    In the mainstream, no-one will touch this fat old sacred cow with a barge pole.

  2. Hypocrisy in the sense you describe is 100% inevitable as behaviour (unless people are supposed to adopt moral standards lower than their own behaviour); it merely requires that we recognise and repent (rather than deny and defend) our own compromises with The World. It is the failure to repent that is the sin, not the failing to live up to one's own high standards.