Sunday, August 27, 2017

the white people problem - narcissism

We have a white people problem. The problem with white people isn’t self-hatred. It’s narcissism.

It’s not that white people hate themselves or think they’re evil. They think they’re the most enlightened and virtuous people ever to walk the Earth. They’re so enlightened that they’ve created the most fabulous religion in history, the religion of self love. They’ve created the Church of Virtue Signalling and it’s so much better than all those awful old religions, many of which include irritating things like rules and morality. The Church of Virtue Signalling doesn’t need any of that. All it requires is Virtue Signalling. It’s Justification by Virtue Signalling alone.

A while back Godfrey Elfwick rather memorably trolled Chelsea Clinton, claiming that his career as a political activist began at the age of two as the leader of Babies Against Bedtime. As so often Godfrey was eerily close to the mark. Modern political activism for white people essentially is Babies Against Bedtime. It’s spoilt rich children throwing their toys out of their pram. Because when you’re two years old throwing your toys out of the pram seems very clever. This will teach Mummy a lesson. Unfortunately white people no longer seem to grow out of this phase.

John Lennon ends the Vietnam War
It’s not as if these privileged white people actually think white people are inferior. Quite the reverse. They’re quite happy to bomb the crap out of non-white people, mostly for offending their tender sensibilities. If only those non-white people would learn to do what they’re told! Don’t they realise how virtuous university-educated middle-class white people are?

And so these white people gave us the modern Left. What distinguishes the Modern Left is not politics, but the absence of politics. This is a political movement for people whose political comprehension is on the level of the average twelve-year-old’s understanding of the world. It’s not politics, it’s applied narcissism. These are people who don’t have the stomach for an actual political struggle, even if they understood actual politics which they don’t. They don’t want a political struggle because such political struggles are hard work, and often dangerous. And politics is so confusing! We know capitalism is evil and the Left is virtuous but it’s capitalism that finances the modern Left. This is upsetting and confusing. Best not to think about it. Best not to think at all. Narcissism means never having to think.

The  patron saint of narcissism is John Lennon, that most hypocritical and empty-headed of white celebrities. You remember John Lennon, the man who ended the Vietnam War by refusing to get out of bed. That was Lennon’s idea of a political struggle. Ideal for fat lazy people who don’t want to get hurt.

Identity politics is great for white people because it’s the negation of politics. It’s pure Virtue Signalling. It requires no thought whatsoever. You don’t even have to worry about other people’s feelings. You just need to worry about your own feelings. Luckily that’s what narcissists like to do. We live in a society in which white people do nothing but indulge their narcissism.

White people live in a post-political age. Feminists used to say that the personal is the political. How right they were. What they didn’t get was that when the personal is the political then politics ends. Only narcissism remains.


  1. And by the way, did you notice that social networks are basically made for multiplying narcissism?

    1. did you notice that social networks are basically made for multiplying narcissism?

      They certainly seem to be. They've kicked society's narcissism into overdrive.

  2. Babies Against Bedtime

    Probably best to maintain a sense of humour in the face of it all.

  3. Imagine there's no Lennon, no more Beatles too. (hum the rest yourself) :)

    1. I like to take the song Imagine and substitute the lyrics to Gilligan's Island.

  4. A good post. Could 'Blogging' be seen as a form of narcissism as well? I digress. A good post indeed.

    Art is a tricky business. Some artists don't go past puberty when it comes to the message they are trying to convey. Some (even great artists like Carol King, or Carley Simon) sang about love and relationships, in their 20's and 30's at the peak of their careers... i.e.; they sang about their age, for the times. These folks possibly still do... It doesn't mean their art is better but maybe the intent is appropriate. Some artists attempt to sing about discipline and enlightenment...

    Lennon was a song writer and thought he could play politics. There is room for politics in art but how you express yourself is key as to whether it will stand, a) up to scrutiny, and b) the test of time.

    I would suggest that there is a moral obligation for artists to speak-up on issues that they are informed about. To put it in military terms: the expressed art is the artist's weapon; the engaged audience, their army. What the artist is trying to say is like many battles or wars, sometimes futile and meaningless. You may as well be singing about love and sex, for all the good of that political virtue. And the simpler the message, the easier it is to shoot down.

    So the artist's struggle, once one has learned how to express and idea is also about how to convey it in terms that will last and also at the significant risk of personal exposure. This is not like the risk of dying on the battle-field. You can lose your life and die once, someone like Lennon can die a million times over with critique and belittlement for his approach and frankly, worse than dying, never be laid to rest.

    There is the artist's risk. You struggle for years, to get the message heard and then the message is left open to the world, constantly heard and you never live it down.

    1. I would suggest that there is a moral obligation for artists to speak-up on issues that they are informed about.

      The trouble is that artists are very rarely informed about any subjects. Artists are usually people of mediocre intelligence, like Lennon. The worst part is that the less informed they are the more easily they convince themselves that they understand everything. Because artists are inherently narcissistic they wildly exaggerate their own intelligence.

      Artists are also people who tend to suffer from arrested development, both intellectually and emotionally. They never really leave adolescence. Their view of life is simplistic and emotional. For some reason permanent adolescence seems to encourage art.

      The average novelist is qualified to offer informed opinions on novel-writing. The average actor is qualified to offer informed opinions on acting. The average song-writer is qualified to offer informed opinions on song-writing. They should leave politics to the grown-ups.

      Percy Shelley said that poets were the unacknowledged legislators of the world. A typically adolescent belief. Shelley of course was a good poet. He was also childish, spoilt, petulant, self-indulgent, selfish and irresponsible with zero understanding of politics. He was the John Lennon of the early 19th century.