Friday, February 17, 2017

some interesting stuff on the web

Some interesting things I've found on the web recently:

Oz Conservative has a link to a really intriguing article on the split in the Catholic Church in the US. No, not the split between “liberal Catholics” and “conservative Catholics” but the arguably more important one between conservative Catholics and radical traditional Catholics. The radical traditionalists represent a strain in Catholic thought that goes back a long way but seemed to largely disappear during the Cold War (one of the many unintended and unfortunate consequences of the Cold War). The radical traditionalists are as suspicious of capitalism as they are of socialism and they see the conservative Catholics as being much too inclined to compromise with capitalism (and much too inclined to embrace disastrous neoconservative foreign policy concepts).

At Nourishing Obscurity there’s an important but depressing post on the increasingly frantic embrace of atheism by the Anglican Church.

There's a  working paper by two political scientists that suggests that female rulers have historically been more likely than men to get their counties embroiled in wars.

And at Upon Hope there's a link to a YouTube video by the notorious Roosh V in which he asks why we are educating (or rather over-educating) women. It has to be said that he makes quite a lot of sense and offers a rather devastating critique of feminism and the harm it does to women. And I think Mark makes a lot of sense when he suggests that most people, both men and women, need no more than an 8th grade education. Over-educating the young is a mistake. It's an even bigger mistake to think that the best way to learn things is by going to university. In most jobs the nest way to learn is to learn on the job.


  1. Smiling at this almost incestuous thing - you've quoted from me and I'm about to nick your two political scientists piece for a post tomorrow. Some time back, looked into Queen Bess and just how bad she actually was. Not well loved in Margate for example. It's an interesting theme.

    1. Some time back, looked into Queen Bess and just how bad she actually was.

      I'm looking forward to your post on that topic. I'm getting quite interested in that period of history - I'm suspecting that as is the case with most of history we've mostly only heard one side of the argument.