Friday, November 25, 2016

the alt-right, pro and con

The alt-right is certainly getting plenty of attention lately. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that.

The first thing that should be pointed out is that the alt-right’s sudden enormous influence exists mostly in the minds of the more excitable alt-righters. In reality it is still a very minor fringe movement. Whether it ever gains real influence remains to be seen.

I have considerable sympathy for some of the points made by the alt-right. I am vehemently opposed to immigration and I am deeply suspicious of free trade. I am also heartily sick of political correctness and the constant demonisation of white people. So far so good.

On the other hand I regard concepts such as white nationalism as being wholly unworkable. It’s absurdly vague and it ignores culture. There is no such thing as black nationalism and the very idea of asian nationalism is ridiculous - try persuading the Chinese and the Japanese that they should embrace pan-asian nationalism.

Culture is what unites people and it is also what divides them. Both the unifying and the dividing functions of culture are useful and healthy. Any community that has nothing to unite it will sink into chaos. Any nation without a sense of national unity is doomed. Different groups of people have their own beliefs and cultures and histories and will prefer to live with others who share their beliefs and cultures and histories. No-one, apart from globalists and SJWs, wants to live in a single gigantic community where everyone thinks the same and has the same culture.

Culture is what matters and every culture has a right to exist and to thrive and that can only happen if people have their own communities and their own countries.

One of my problems with the alt-right is their tendency to ignore culture. I do not want to be part of a nation defined by whiteness. I want to be part of a nation defined by a shared culture and a shared history. 

It also concerns me that many on the alt-right have no understanding of the fact that a nation cannot survive without a moral core. If you have no moral compass you end up with  a society motivated by greed and hedonism. You are on the road to civilisational collapse. When people like Milo Yiannopoulos are celebrated as alt-right heroes I start to worry. He seems to me to represent the very things that have been responsible for the undermining of our civilisation - atheism and mindless hedonism. If MIlo is the face of the alt-right then you can count me out.

If white nationalism means abandoning morality for the sake of building a supposed white identity then it’s an identity I’m not interested in. A white identitarianism that is prepared to embrace abortion, homosexual marriage, pornography, promiscuity and the destruction of the family would, it seems to me, be no better than the liberal nightmare we’re already living in.

Liberals are the enemy, and that includes white liberals. In fact it especially includes white liberals. I do not want liberals as allies. I do not trust any liberals. 

I am also dubious about the shock tactics beloved of some elements of the alt-right. I am a firm believer in the necessity of occupying the high moral ground. I’m all for freedom of speech but it worries me that some on the alt-right do not have enough sense to refrain from making foolish and extreme statements that end up discrediting the saner voices. There is no point in giving free gifts to your enemies.

I personally do not consider myself alt-right, or even any kind of right or any kind of conservative as such terms are generally used. I am in agreement with the alt-right on some issues and in strong disagreement with them on others. I certainly don’t regard them as enemies but I do think that as allies they can be both useful and sometimes dangerous.

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  1. WN 2.0 or the Alt right isn't WN 1.0...

    The Alt right was actually termed from the Alt Rock brand, not the mainstream cucks of conservatism or the Neocons. The untainted alt right of politics.

    The Alt lite such as milo is the big tent approach, where they expose part of our ideas to the mainstream normies. Of course this approach has pros and cons. You have to remember the rule to keep the alt lite in line with us, as the alt light is not us the alt right.

    Milo is an Alt-lite infiltrator or click bait social media whore for $$$, the same as Mike Cenovich or Alex Jones. Basically the Civic Nationalists.

    Lesson learned, we need to monetize our message as the alt lite does. Voxday is obviously a good example on how to make income, and ride the wave of the movement, though I would say he is more alt right then alt light, still a prefect exsample.

    back to WN.

    WN 2.0 = Alt right = Identiarian

    That was easy. :)