Sunday, November 6, 2016

are the elites stupid or malicious?

A recent discussion at Vanishing American II has caused me to do some further pondering on exactly what has happened with our elites. The big question is - are the elites motivated by stupidity or malice? Are they engaged in a gigantic conspiracy against us or do they have no idea what they’re doing?

While I accept that there certainly is a good deal of informal conspiring going on I’m not convinced that the conspiracy argument is conclusive or that it provides a complete explanation. I have come up with some ideas on how the elites may have succumbed to collective stupidity, or at least collective blindness.

Our present day elites differ from the elites of the past in several ways. In many respects they have been rotted away from the inside by the following factors.

1. Isolation from ordinary people. In the ancient world, in the medieval world, even in the modern world up to the nineteenth century, the elites did have some contact with ordinary people. Landowners had personal contact with their tenant farmers. The wealthy had personal contact with their servants. Even factory owners generally at least visited their own factories and had some contact with the workers. They might have considered themselves to be virtually a separate species but at least they had some sense of the mood of ordinary people. If there was extreme dissatisfaction among ordinary people the elites were aware of it.

2. Scepticism. The elites embraced the Enlightenment with enthusiasm. Their religious faith faded rapidly. Scepticism led to atheism which in turn led (as it always does) to nihilism.

3. Morality. This follows from point two. When you believe in nothing you have no morality. The pursuit of pleasure, power and wealth is all there is. Greed is good. Corruption is fine if you can get away with it. Actually serving your country is for suckers.

4. Sexual depravity. Once you embrace hedonism and the pursuit of power in the absence of morality you are highly likely to succumb to the lure of sexual deviance, which rots the moral sense still further. Anything is acceptable if it gives momentary pleasure.

5. Arrogance. Elites were always arrogant but today we see a different kind of arrogance. European aristocrats of the eighteenth century were arrogant but they knew there were certain things they simply could not get away with. Today’s elites believe there is nothing they cannot get away with. They have no concept of consequences.

6. Trans-nationalism. Elites were always to some extent international in outlook but there were limits. If you were a wealthy French landowner then the source of your wealth was in France. If France went down the gurgler then so did your wealth. If you were a rich English factory owner then you had to care about the future of England because if England went belly-up your wealth would disappear. A certain amount of patriotism was necessary, if only out of self-interest. Today’s elites do not need to worry about such minor details. Their wealth is trans-national and thus patriotism is unnecessary. 

These factors might well provide at least a partial explanation for the existence of elites prepared to destroy their own nations and their own civilisation simply because they have no comprehension of the consequences and they simply don’t care.

I am of course talking in this post about native-born white European elites. Members of other ethnic groups within the elites obviously have different motivations. It’s the native-born white European elites that I’m concerned with because without them none of the globalist/SJW agenda would have been possible. In countries like Australia the elites are overwhelmingly native-born white Europeans and yet our elites are every bit as destructive as American elites. They have exactly the same mindsets.

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