Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bob Dylan, Nobel laureate

I have to say I have somewhat mixed feelings about Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize for Literature. On the other hand the Nobel Prize has been pretty much a joke for decades and this can’t really make things any worse.

What is amusing is watching the reactions of Social Justice Warriors to the award, with accusations of white privilege being hurled at the one-time darling of the Left, and with feminists chiming in with hysterical attacks on his supposed sexism. These things make me feel much more positive towards the new Nobel laureate.

And whatever his faults Dylan is hardly a conventional leftist. He’s never really been a conventional anything. He’s always been too restless a figure to be neatly pigeonholed. This is a man whose political hero is Barry Goldwater, and who has released several albums of Christian gospel music. Dylan in fact has always come across as being a guy with a deep (if perhaps sometimes confused) affection for traditional America. It’s actually rather surprising that the Nobel Committee chose somebody who is, by their notoriously left-wing standards, so politically unreliable.

In any case if the decision has upset SJWs so much then upon reflection I’m rather happy with it!

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