Wednesday, September 21, 2016

SJWs, money and jobs

A recent discussion on Steve Sailer’s blog raised an interesting issue. We tend to assume that Social Justice Warriors are either disastrously misguided idealists or they’re motivated by irrational hatred of their own civilisation. Both of which clearly apply to a very large number of SJWs.

What is easy to overlook though is that many SJWs make a very nice living indeed out of their political activism. Once you progress from the lower ranks it’s possible to earn a six-figure income - either working for the bureaucracy, for one of countless taxpayer-funded statutory authorities or NGOs, being on the payroll of someone like George Soros or working for a charity (and many charities these days are merely fronts for political activism).

The beauty of these jobs is that they’re failure-proof. They’re not supposed to turn a profit anyway. Success is measured not by how much income is generated but by how much money can be spent. If most of the money is just flushed down the toilet it’s still counted as a success since the object is to get rid of the money. No matter how incompetent you are you can’t get fired as long as you accept the Narrative without question. And if you’re an SJW you’re not going to be tempted to question the narrative.

Even better, these jobs are ideal for people with Mickey Mouse degrees and for privileged middle-class people who aren’t smart enough to go into business or STEM fields or anything that requires a real education. If you majored in Gender Studies you should by rights be utterly unemployable but if you’re an SJW you can turn a worthless degree into reasonably big money. These jobs are especially attractive if Daddy is a corporate lawyer or if you’re married to a doctor. Your job is essentially a hobby but it can be a very well-paid hobby with the added advantage of access to power and influence and lots of opportunities for virtue signalling and bullying non-believers.

There’s a lot of money in the Social Justice racket.

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