Saturday, May 7, 2016

Racism is alive and well - among the Greens

Leftists have been telling us for years that racism is alive and well in Australia. It turns out they were right. A journalist on the notoriously left-wing Melbourne newspaper The Age has discovered a particularly obnoxious nest of such racists in the heart of Melbourne.

But these racists are not quite what the leftist media might have led you to believe they’d be. They’re not rednecks. They’re not working-class. They’re not Christians. They’re not evil conservatives. They’re middle-class, very wealthy, LGBTQwhatever-friendly, environmentally conscious, atheist, feminist and they vote solidly for the Greens. They live in inner-city Fitzroy where the local town hall is festooned with banners proclaiming "refugees are welcome here." 

But they are racists. They don’t send their children to the local primary schools because the local primary schools are very diverse and multi-cultural. No, they send their children to primary schools much further afield - primary schools that are almost entirely white. It seems they don’t want their precious offspring to have to mix with non-whites.

The best part of the article from The Age is the comments section. It’s absolutely hilarious watching the mental contortions these hypocrites perform in their desperate efforts to argue that they’re not racist just because they want their kids to be safely segregated from contact with non-white kids.

The funniest comment of all is from the person who tries to argue that it’s not racism at all - he’s just terrified his kids might come into contact with some of those nasty scary people from the lower socioeconomic groups. Because poor people are so icky, aren’t they? Apparently they’re even ickier than non-white people!

There is truly no limit to leftist hypocrisy.

I was led to the subject matter for this post by a post at OzConservative.

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  1. What none of these defenders of the hypocrisy seem to realise is that their claim that "it's the housing commission flats, not the immigrants" is partially true in their area, but if they have their wish and Australia takes in 20k more, which schools do they think they'll all go to?
    They understand that it's a socioeconomic thing, which is about as close as they get to acknowledging the problem, but stop short of acknowledging that the vast majority of the 'refugees' will be of a lower socioeconomic background.
    Let's create a new ghetto next to some good schools for the new arrivals, then we'll wonder why the academic performance of the schools all drop in greater proportion to the number refugees who actually attend.