Sunday, May 1, 2016

conservative strategies

A recent post at Upon Hope asks why conservatives seem to be poor at strategy and further asks what can be done to correct this. These are extremely valid points. 

A couple of things suggest themselves. I think we need to abandon any faith in mainstream “conservative” parties. They have always betrayed us, and always will. Ignore them. Bypass them. Concentrate on grass-roots activism on specific issues. And choose issues on which it is possible to gain widespread popular support.

The transgender nonsense is an obvious one. The truth is that most people think it has gone way too far and has reached the point of being dangerous insanity. Most people are too afraid to express such sceptical views openly but that doesn’t change the fact that most people are very uncomfortable indeed about the idea of men sharing bathrooms with their daughters. What we need to do is to encourage people to overcome their fears - let the silent majority know that on this issue they really are the majority. And as commenter Mark Richardson points out, a boycott of the US Target chain is already having some effect.

We also need to look at where we might find allies. The big losers in society over the past few decades have been working class people. They have been betrayed by all the mainstream political parties and they have suffered at the hands of Big Business and the globalist elites. They are disillusioned but they do nothing about it because they see no alternatives. Offer them alternatives. Reach out to them. Working-class people tend towards social conservatism anyway. It’s not working-class people who have pushed the homosexual agenda, or feminism, or lunatic environmentalism. Or mass immigration. These insanities are often described as Stuff White People Like but in fact they’re Stuff Middle Class People Like.

Working-class people know that globalism is not good for them and they know that Big Business is not their friend. Big Business is also no friend to conservatives. Big Business is solidly liberal. Bankers love liberalism. They love identity politics. It keeps people’s attention directed away from their own activities. 

The working class is a natural recruiting ground for conservatives. All we need to do is to convince them that conservatism is not all about greed. Which is another reason to abandon the mainstream “conservative” parties - they really are all about greed.

And we need to put as much distance as we possibly can between ourselves and the neocons. We need to be relentless in hammering home the message that neconservativism has nothing to do with actual conservatism.

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