Wednesday, May 25, 2016

backlashes don’t organise themselves

If you spend any time at all on any right-wing online sites you will have seen countless comments assuring us that a backlash against the follies of liberalism is inevitable, and expressing amazement that it hasn’t happened yet.

In fact it’s not the slightest bit surprising that there has been no backlash.

First of all we need to be clear what we’re talking about. If the backlash amounts to a few spontaneous individual acts of defiance then we’re talking about something so futile that we might as well not waste our breath.

What we have seen over the past half century or so has been nothing less than a revolution. A revolution pursued by patient gradualist means but a revolution as momentous as any in history. Most of those on the right think that this revolution has been a left-wing revolution but this is a fundamental misunderstanding. It has been more of an aristocratic revolution, with the new aristocracy being the class of globalist elites who dominate big business, banking, government and the media. These new aristocrats wrap themselves in the banner of Social Justice but in reality what these self-proclaimed Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) care about is their own wealth and power.

To defeat a revolution requires a counter-revolution. The trouble is that counter-revolutions, like revolutions, do not arise spontaneously. Never in history has there been a  spontaneous revolution or counter-revolution. To achieve a counter-revolution will require organisation, or the support of existing organised groups. There's no question that there's already enough anger and disgust to fuel such a counter-revolution but without leadership and organisation it will never happen.

Where is this organisation going to come from? The military is solidly behind the globalist/SJW agenda. The Christian Churches are almost entirely SJW. The media is controlled by globalist SJWs. The schools are controlled by SJWs. The universities are controlled by SJWs. The police are controlled by SJWs.

There are only two ways a successful counter-revolution can occur. The first is through the creation of large-scale highly disciplined alternative anti-SJW organisations. That's going to require a great deal of hard work, patience and money. 

The second way would be to find an already existing organised grouping that shares our hostility to liberalism and modernism.

There is no third way.

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