Friday, April 15, 2016

the coming white guilt crisis

The liberal agenda that has triumphed throughout the western world in the past fifty years is driven by one factor - white guilt. Everything about modern liberalism comes down to white guilt.

It’s not difficult to see why this happened. After the two world wars it was understandable that western civilisation would undergo a crisis of confidence. The correct response would have been to abandon the modernist ideas that almost destroyed us, but people driven by emotion rarely draw the correct conclusions. The faulty conclusion that was drawn was that western civilisation was inherently evil and deserved to be destroyed. Western civilisation was seen as racist, sexist, homophobic, patriarchal and a danger to the planet. Christianity was seen as part of the evil of our civilisation. Driven by emotion westerners adopted a sentimental woolly-minded approach to the world. Environmentalism, feminism, the LGBTxyz madness - all this craziness was fueled by white guilt. White people felt guilty about absolutely everything. Today white people even feel guilty about the weather.

All this is of course obvious. The question that arises is - what happens if there’s a shortage of white people? Compared to a century ago white people are now a very small proportion of the earth’s population. Within a few decades even in many western countries white people will be a minority. And that means there’s going to be a serious shortage of white guilt.

This kind of guilt really is exclusively a white phenomenon. Non-white people (quite reasonably) can see no reason why they should feel guilty about western civilisation’s attempts to destroy itself. 

It’s not even a white thing - eastern Europeans seem to be far less afflicted with this illness. Ironically it appears that communism protected the people of eastern Europe from the worst excesses of liberalism.

So can liberalism survive without white guilt to fuel it? And how will the world look when the white guilt shortage becomes critical?

Obviously environmentalism will be swept away. Only guilt-ridden white people buy into any of that nonsense. The LGBT silliness will be much more difficult to sustain. The transgender madness will lose traction entirely. You can convince a white person that a man wearing a frock is a woman and always has been a woman but to a non-white person he’s just a guy in a frock. Feminism will suffer a body blow. Non-whites (or at least some of them) will tolerate the less extreme manifestations of feminism, but they won’t swallow the extreme stuff. 

And what of race? Without white guilt politics will become avowedly racial, with each racial/ethnic group pursuing its own interests. White “anti-racists” will no longer be required and will find themselves despised and ignored.

Of course liberals don’t think any of this will happen. They believe that everyone will become an anti-racist anti-sexist anti-homophobic tree-hugging liberal. This seems very unlikely. Such sentiments can only exist when there is a plentiful supply of white guilt to fuel them. Take away the white guilt and the bottom drops out of the market for liberalism. Liberals will make the unpleasant discovery that liberalism is a white thing. The Liberal Brave New World that liberals have dreamt about for so long will turn out to be just that - a dream.

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