Thursday, January 28, 2016

antidepressants, suicide and social experiments

There have been suspicions for years that antidepressants (specifically the SSRIs) are dangerous and ineffective. Now it’s been confirmed by a major study - antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, biggest ever review finds.

This is something that Peter Hitchens has been warning us about for years although no-one wants to listen - Time for Some Serious Thought about 'Antidepressants'.

In fact the increased risk of suicide is just one of the serious side-effects of these drugs. They also deaden the emotions, to a sometimes frightening degree. From personal experience and my own observations it’s also clear that these medications can not only produce anger, they produce a certain kind of anger. It’s a cold emotionless anger, a kind of simmering hate.

The effects on individuals are bad enough. What is often overlooked is that they have effects on society as well. They contribute a good deal to the atomisation of our society. They not only increase the risk of individual suicide, they increase the risk of societal suicide.

As well as all this these horrific drugs may well have been partly responsible for the rise of the particularly virulent kinds of radical feminism and Social Justice activism that have plagued the west over the past couple of decades. Or at least they may have made these phenomena more virulent and hate-filled than would otherwise have been the case. Medicating a huge proportion of the population with drugs whose actions are not clearly understood, for conditions that are often even more poorly understood (if indeed they exist), has been a gigantic social experiment. And a very perilous one.

And these ill-understood drugs are being prescribed for children. Of course it’s not just SSRIs. We are pumping children full of Ritalin, in most cases because the children are simply behaving like children. Add to that the fact that our governments have, in practice if not in theory, given up enforcing laws against marijuana and what you end up with is a society drugged to the eyeballs.

Of course Huxley predicted all this, way back in 1932, in Brave New World. Unfortunately the elites who run our world have adopted Huxley’s book as an instruction manual.

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