Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Social Justice religion

The idea that leftist political movements have a great deal in common with religions has been around for a long time. There has always been quite a lot of truth in this idea. Political zealotry does obviously resemble religious zealotry, and the various leftist splinter groups (like Trotyskites) can be seen as heresies.

And of course the clash between communists and National Socialists can be seen as a religious war between two competing sects that had a great deal in common but differed on a few key points of doctrine.

What is different about today’s leftism is that it is purely religious. The cult of Social Justice has no actual political content at all. There is no underlying political ideology. Communists and fascists and Trotskyites and National Socialists had actual plans to remake society. Their plans were often wrong-headed and in practice were usually disastrous (although Italian Fascism worked moderately well and might have survived long-term had Mussolini been able to achieve the alliance he hoped for with the British and the French). But no matter how wrong-headed the plans might have been all these leftist sects did have reasonably coherent plans to construct a new society.

Today’s Social Justice Warriors have no such plans. They have no objectives. Their religious fervour is an end in itself. They’re jihadists but it’s the jihad itself that matters to them. If they won they would have no idea what to do next. In fact they have won the Culture Wars and they really don’t know what to do next. They can’t comprehend that the only real winners are the billionaires who fund their jihads.

As Helen Andrews points out in Politically Correct Holy Rollers: The New Campus Revival their motivations are similar to the emotional and religious fervour of the 19th century Christian revivalist movements.

If SJWs were genuinely working towards bringing about the Glorious Socialist Revolution I could understand them and even respect them, even if I strongly disagreed with them. But they have no real interest in socialism. Most of them are comfortably middle-class (or even wealthy). They are for the most part incredibly privileged. The last thing they want is actual socialism.

The SJW thing is not a political ideology and it has nothing to do with politics. It’s about religion. They don’t want to replace capitalism with socialism. They want to replace Christianity with their new warm and cuddly feel-good religion. That’s why they’re so venomous towards Christianity - Christianity is their rival religion.

In fact SJWism is a kind of Christian heresy - it’s Kumbaya Christianity with all the actual religious content removed leaving only the fuzzy caring and sharing bits. That’s why Kumbaya Christians and SJWs get along so well - there’s really not much difference between them.

SJWs are religious zealots. They’re not political ideologues. They don’t even understand politics. They’re not interested in political change. They’re funded by billionaires. They’re looking for salvation. 


  1. I'm afraid you have this upside down!

    Of course there are overlaps, but SJ resembles no actual religion ever - no actual religion advocate permanent revolution and inversion of the Good.

    If you want to reject PC Leftism, then you have a choice of religions - if you reject religion, you are merely a variant of Leftism.

    1. Of course there are overlaps, but SJ resembles no actual religion ever - no actual religion advocate permanent revolution and inversion of the Good.

      SJ is certainly a false religion. It's a kind of mirror-image of religion - an Alice in Wonderland type of religion. But I do think it's a kind of Christian heresy because it takes Christianity as its starting point and then inverts everything (rather like a Black Mass being an inversion of a true Mass). I'm not talking about Christian heresies that merely differ from orthodoxy in doctrinal details. I'm talking about extreme heresies, such as perhaps the Albigensian heresy.

      SJ does seem to serve the same purposes for its devotees as a religion. It's almost impossible to live without a religion so if you reject religion you end up searching for a substitute that will give you the things that religion offers (or at least will give you the things that you imagine religion offers). SJ is one of many attempts to construct an alternative atheist religion (environmentalism and marxism being others). Of course any such attempt is doomed to failure.

    2. I think this is a misleading tack - it has been propagated by secular Rightists - Neoreactionaries, Dark Enightenment bloggers etc. I believe the covert motivation is to self-justify not becoming a Christian, on the excuse it is tainted by implicit Leftism.

      Don't forget that Christianity is 2000 years old, Leftism is - at most - 1000 years olf (i.e. The Great Schism can be argued to be the start of Leftism with the Western Church as proto-Leftists... I took this line in my book Thought Prison).

      But SJW Leftism is not a Christian heresy, it is Christian apostasy - ie. it is what remains when Christians *stop* being Christian.

      The similarities are merely not-yet-expunged residues of Christianity.

    3. The Great Schism can be argued to be the start of Leftism with the Western Church as proto-Leftists.

      That's an interesting idea. I always assumed the Reformation was when it all started to fall apart but I must admit I don't know enough about the Great Schism. Maybe I need to buy your book!

      I believe the covert motivation is to self-justify not becoming a Christian, on the excuse it is tainted by implicit Leftism

      I'll plead guilty to that. The SJW infestation of modern Christianity is something I just can't get past. I'm drawn to Christianity, I know I'd like to be a Christian, but Christianity today just doesn't seem to me to have much to do with actual Christianity.

  2. Mr. Doom

    I think your right, Christian themes run very strongly in Leftist ideology. SJW's are no different in that regard.

    As for the argument that only Religious people can be Conservatives, I'll believe that when only Athiests can be Leftists.

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog - A Traditionalist Conservative Future

  3. The Bible indicates that the number of Christians would dwindle away with the passing of time, and that '' tares'' would grow in amongst the wheat, being indistinguishable in some cases. So many of those who appear to others as Christians are not, except outwardly. It's always been the case that there is just a remnant, a small number, of real believers in the world.

    There are, believe it or not, a few pockets of real old-fashioned Christians out there, here and there, but mostly not in the established churches and denominations. There are house churches, and people who cling to the old style Christianity of our fathers, not the pale imitation that Churchianity is today. Please don't judge us by those liberals. They are just a product of the decaying 'world system' that we live in now, not the real heirs of Christianity.