Monday, November 16, 2015

the most likely scenario for Europe

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks and the ongoing ”refugee” crisis in Europe there are many who seem to think that perhaps finally sanity will prevail and European governments will start to take firm action. Personally I think it’s true that firm action will be taken but I’m not at all confident the actions will be the right ones.

There’s little doubt in my mind as to the most likely scenario. It will be very mild Pushback followed by a very severe Crackdown. But it won’t be a crackdown on immigration - it will be a crackdown on European citizens.

There will be mild resistance to the invasion. Nationalist parties might make significant gains in most countries but they will come nowhere near gaining actual power. There will be a few large-scale street demonstrations. There will be a few violent incidents, some of them associated with these demonstrations. Much if not most of the violence may well be instigated by the anti-racist crowd but of course nationalists will be blamed. There will then be a media panic that “right-wing extremists” are threatening European values and causing terrorism.

The result will be a crackdown that will make current attempts to stifle dissent look like a Sunday School picnic. Nationalist parties will be banned and their leaders imprisoned. Nationalist bloggers will be arrested and many will be imprisoned. Draconian controls over all media will be introduced. Anyone who expresses even the mildest criticism of the invasion will be silenced. Of course the targets won’t be confined to nationalists. This will be too good an opportunity to waste. Climate change sceptics and anyone who isn’t totally on board with the program with regard to the LGBTQWERTY agenda will also be rounded up.

The end result will be totalitarianism. Elections will still be held but only approved parties, that is “anti-racist” “non-extremist” parties will be permitted to participate. No dissent whatsoever will be permitted.

I also don’t believe there is any chance that Marine Le Pen will be allowed to win the next Presidential election, even assuming that she gets enough voter support to do so (which seems to me to be very unlikely). 

In the incredibly unlikely event she does win I don’t believe she will be allowed to remain in power. If the French establishment cannot remove her the US government will. There will be a propaganda campaign about the necessity for regime change in France and the need to restore freedom and democracy. Her government will be destabilised and crises will be manufactured to give legitimacy to her removal. The global elites have no intention of abandoning immigration policies which from their point of view have been spectacularly successful (the fact that they have been disastrous for the people of Europe is entirely irrelevant as far as they are concerned). The ethnic fragmentation and balkanisation of Europe and the demoralisation  of the white population suits those elites very well indeed - it makes any resistance to their power almost impossible.

Of course it’s possible that this was always the objective - to manufacture a crisis as an excuse to crush dissent.

The US will congratulate European leaders for acting courageously to defend freedom and democracy. 


  1. Global elites do not really care about immigration one way or another, since no immigration policies ever exclude the rich. So long as their money can move wherever it likes without any dropping off in taxes, they don't take any interest in people.

  2. What if Trump becomes president? And how likely do you think that is?

    1. What if Trump becomes president? And how likely do you think that is?

      I'd be very surprised if that was allowed to happen.