Saturday, October 31, 2015

the Long March to the wrong destination

After the First World War the cultural marxists began their long march through the institutions of the West. At the time they had a clear goal in mind. The Long March is nearing its end but it hasn’t brought them to the place they expected to reach.

After the war they had abandoned their old idea of a revolution led by the proletariat. The working class had let them down by stubbornly refusing to bring about the revolution throughout the industrialised West. The new plan was to undermine western civilisation by taking control of the media, the schools, the universities, the bureaucracy and using this control to spread demoralisation, confusion and despair. The ultimate goal however remained unchanged. They still intended to bring about the glorious socialist revolution. You know, the dictatorship of the proletariat. Social ownership of the means of production. An egalitarian society. No class barriers. All that stuff.

Superficially cultural marxism has triumphed beyond the wildest dreams of its early proponents. Cultural marxists now have absolute control of the media, the schools, the universities and the bureaucracy. All dissent is crushed. It’s the socialist totalitarian dream come true.

There’s only one problem. What ever happened to the socialist part of cultural marxism? Whatever happened to the Marxist part of cultural marxism? Where is the dictatorship of the proletariat? And social ownership of the means of production? Most crucially, where did the hopes of an egalitarian society with no class barriers go to?

Today we have a society in which the gulf between the rich and poor is wider than ever. The class barriers between Joe Six-Pack and the billionaire class are unimaginably vast. And rigid. The means of production are in the hands of capitalists who are richer, fatter, more powerful and more ruthless than any cigar-chomping capitalist of the 1920s. The glorious socialist revolution is nowhere in sight.

The cultural marxists have won, but the working class has lost. The poor have lost. In fact everybody has lost, apart from the super-rich and the cultural marxist apparatchiks in academia and the media. The working class has largely sunk into the despair and hopelessness of the underclass. In the US blacks, who had been rapidly improving their circumstances up to the beginning of the 60s, have seen their communities and families destroyed. In spite of feminism women today are angry, bitter, disillusioned and deeply unhappy. 

Cultural marxists have won the Culture Wars, but their victory has been a hollow one for the people for whom they were supposedly fighting those wars. Indeed for most of the oppressed on whose behalf the Culture Wars were waged the victory has been worse than  any defeat could ever have been.

What went wrong?

Part of the answer to that question is that the neocons came along. The neocons cared about power and money and nothing else. They eagerly embraced cultural marxism. They were happy to assist the cultural marxists in destroying the fabric of our civilisation. They simply didn’t care. All they cared about was their economic ideology of greed, and power. They are also very keen on war. War is good for business. War is also very good for forcing other nations to toe the line and embrace the neocon program. 

It is actually the neocons who won the Culture Wars. They achieved everything they set out to achieve. The cultural marxists think they have the power but in reality power is firmly and safely in the hands of megacorporations. The cultural marxists are merely useful idiots. At one time they were useful idiots for Stalin. Today they are useful idiots for Goldman Sachs. Bankers don’t care if the institution of marriage is trashed. They don’t care if society is awash with drugs. They don’t care if religion is ridiculed and despised. They don’t care if various victim groups are at each other’s throats. They don’t care if freedom of speech is effectively abolished (in fact they rather like that idea). They don’t care how much society is dumbed down. They don’t care if patriotism is despised or if society is overrun by unassimilable immigrants. For them a demoralised population is a feature, not a bug. They wanted their power and wealth to be protected and now they own our governments so they don’t have to worry.

The Culture Wars were a victory for the neocons but a catastrophic defeat for the Left. In this case when I use the term the Left I’m referring to the real Left. You remember them? They were the ones who wanted a fairer, more caring, more egalitarian society. They have now been consigned to the dustbin of history. Those who represent the modern Left represent the interests of capitalists and bankers. They are tolerated because they, unwittingly, advance the neocon agenda. History is full of little ironies but in this case it’s an irony on the grand scale. 

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