Thursday, September 17, 2015

puzzling aspects of refugee crisis

There are some things that puzzle me about the refugee crisis that Europe is currently facing. Since we know that there is absolutely nothing that is better for a nation than diversity, that diversity is all gain, why are the western Europeans suddenly wanting to institute border controls? Doesn’t this mean that they are depriving their citizens of the golden opportunity to gain lots and lots of extra diversity?

The attitude of the United States is even stranger. No country is more enthusiastic than the US in trumpeting the benefits of diversity. And yet by comparison with the Europeans they are only taking a tiny handful of Syrian refugees. Germany, a country of 80 million people, will be taking a million or so refugees. The United States, a country of 320 million people, should easily be able to accommodate four times as many refugees as Germany. Why is the government of the United States allowing Germany to take advantage of the crisis to enrich itself with so much diversity and yet refusing to allow its own citizens to reap similar benefits?

Even more puzzling is Israel’s attitude. The Israelis share a border with Syria. They have all that wonderful diversity just sitting on their doorstep. And yet they won’t allow any Syrian refugees at all into their country. Perhaps this is just a noble gesture on the part of Israel - they want the Europeans to gain as much benefit as possible from this situation so they are generously allowing the Europeans to take more refugees. This would be entirely consistent with Israel’s track record of noble generosity towards other nations.

It’s also odd that western Europe, especially Germany, is annoyed at eastern European countries like Hungary that don’t want refugees. If those stupid Hungarians choose to allow such an opportunity to slip past them surely that’s good for Germany? It means Germany can take even greater numbers, thus gaining even more of the advantages of diversity.

This is the beginning of a golden age for western Europe. With all this extra diversity Europe will forge ahead economically as well as enjoying all the wondrous social and cultural benefits. Europeans today just don’t realise how lucky they are.

And those countries that haven’t yet experienced the full benefits of diversity need not worry - with the population sub-Saharan Africa estimated to increase from 926 million to 2.2 billion by 2050 there will be plenty of diversity to go around. Europe is likely to become very very diverse indeed. Lucky Europe!


  1. Think of our poor ally Saudi Arabia missing out on this pool of talent right next door.

    Perhaps as the Syrians are so similar to the Saudis, the Saudis fear that the magic benefits of diversity will not accrue.

    If in the future Europe suffers a disaster then I am quite certain that the Saudis will step in and take in hundreds of thousands of penniless refugees in order to reap the wonderful benefits of diversity.

  2. This was belly-laugh funny. Very good connection.