Saturday, August 8, 2015

the forever (culture) war

The culture war has ended in complete victory. The handful of surviving evil white cis-gendered heteronormative patriarchal males are cowering in cellars and are unlikely ever again to threaten the glorious cause of social justice. You might think that this means there will be peace at last, even if it’s the peace of conquest. You couldn’t be more wrong. The culture war will never end. The culture war must never end. In fact it’s about to be intensified.

This time the enemy will not be evil white cis-gendered heteronormative patriarchal males since as I’ve already explained they’re becoming almost impossible to find. The enemies will be far more dangerous. The cultural marxists are now turning their attentions to the Enemy Within.

Anyone familiar with the history of revolutions should not be surprised. The great purges in  the Soviet Union were not directed against czarist agents or capitalists because there weren’t any left. The purges were directed against deviationists - communists who were not sufficiently ideologically pure or who expressed any doubts as to the correctness of the party line. In Communist China the targets were both left and right deviationists and wicked capitalist roaders. The French Revolution ended in a bloodbath of revolutionaries who were unwise enough to belong to the wrong revolutionary faction. 

So given the shortage of evil white cis-gendered heteronormative patriarchal males who will be the victims of The Terror this time?

In the US it’s already clear that black Christians will be a principal target. The very existence of black Christians is a threat to The Narrative. If Christianity is evil and racist how can it be that there are blacks who want to be Christians? Those blacks are traitors - they’re no better than evil white cis-gendered heteronormative patriarchal males. They must be rooted out. They must be purged.

Heterosexual women will also be a prime target. They’re at the very bottom of the victim totem pole, which is something they’re only just starting to realise. The problem for any group being at the bottom of the victim totem pole is that when there are no other wicked oppressors available that group will be pressed into service as the new oppressor class. White middle-class heterosexual university-educated women see themselves as victims but in the eyes of groups with higher victim status they are simply outrageous examples of white privilege. 

If white feminists think that non-white women are their natural allies they need to think again. Non-white women are not interested in sexism - it’s racism that obsesses them. They will ally with non-white men against white feminists. When white middle-class heterosexual university-educated women are purged they will find themselves with no allies at all, and with pitifully few victim points to play. 

Of course the group that will be in the biggest trouble comprises those heterosexual men who convinced themselves that by proclaiming their anti-racist anti-homophobe anti-sexist pro-feminist credentials they would be safe. These self-emasculated male feminists thought they could gain honorary victim points by identifying with victim groups. They will soon discover how wrong they were. Even the tiniest deviation from political correctness will land them in deep trouble. And they will discover what the victims of the French Revolutionary Terror and the Stalinist show trials discovered - that political correctness is not just a minefield but that the mines never stay in the same place for very long. A position that seemed quite safe last week is now wicked and wrong and counter-revolutionary and grounds for being purged.

I have some sympathy for the black Christians who are often very good people. I have zero sympathy for the feminists and less than zero sympathy for the white heterosexual men who have served the cause of political correctness and are now about to find themselves in the firing line. They deserve everything they are about to get.


  1. Here's a good example - Bernie Sanders getting shut down in Seattle recently -

    1. Here's a good example - Bernie Sanders getting shut down in Seattle recently

      Yes, and we're going to see a lot more of this sort of thing. It's what Steve Sailer refers to as the circular firing squad in action.

  2. The victim totem pole is as follows:

    -non-whites who are non-heteronormative
    -non-white females are more a victim than non-white men
    -non-white non-Christians are more a victim then non-white Christians
    -white homosexuals and other non-heteronormatives fall just under the non-whites on the victim pole
    -However, within the white non-heteronormatives, there are victims of various sub-positions on the victim totem pole. For example, transgenders are now considered a higher victim than gays and lesbians. Gender neutrals are considered more a victim compared to gays, but less a victim than transgenders, etc.
    -within the gay community, there are also various sub-positions, for example: macho gay men and the twinks, etc.
    -those who are gay and conservative (defending traditional marriage and vote accordingly, etc) are at the bottom of the pole, just above white heteronormative conservative women, who are in last place on the pole.
    -white heteronormative Christian conservative males don't make it onto the pole at all as they suffer from white privilege and are responsible for creating civilisation, which is racist and evil.

    So, if you're a non-white transgender who is a non-Christian, you almost hit the jackpot. To hit the jackpot and earn the gold medal of victimhood, they would also need to be a dwarf with a disability (or the equivalent). The victimhood would be off the charts.

    Let me know if I've left any victims off the pole. I wouldn't want to offend. That's not politically correct.