Tuesday, August 18, 2015

the desensitisation strategy

We all know that movies and television are becoming increasingly crass, vulgar, violent and sleazy. This is not a mere accident. Of course it’s obviously part of the general cultural marxist strategy to demoralise our society. But there may be a little more to it than that.

What is happening is a campaign of desensitisation. The object is to desensitise us to explicit violence, horror and sexual material. What we need to ask is - which specific groups would have a keen interest in doing this, and why?

One obvious candidate is the LGBTQWERTY lobby. The biggest obstacle they have always faced is the Yuck Factor. To any normal person homosexuality has always been vaguely disgusting. That’s not to say that normal people don’t feel compassion for homosexuals. They simply feel (undoubtedly correctly) that homosexuals would be better off weaning themselves off their self-destructive and unnatural lifestyle. Anal sex in particular has a very high disgust factor. In order fully to implement their agenda the LGBTQWERTY lobby needs to overcome this perfectly natural revulsion. That’s where desensitisation comes in. 

It’s important to realise that in order for this strategy to succeed it is not necessary to expose people to explicit images of homosexual sex. Of course the ultimate objective is to do just that - to rub the noses of normal people in homosexual sex. To do so at this stage however would be counter-productive. The shorter-term objective is to accustom people to depravity and degradation in general. This means desensitising people to everything that would normally provoke horror and disgust. Once people take disgusting things for granted  it will be easy to persuade them to celebrate sexual abnormality.

There is another group with a less obvious but nonetheless very strong interest in desensitising the public - feminists. Nothing matters more to feminists than “abortion rights” - nothing is more precious than a woman’s right to murder her unborn baby. Abortion also produces feelings of horror and disgust in normal people. The more you think about abortion the more horrifying the idea becomes. But if people can be desensitised to horror, violence and squalor then eventually abortion will seem to be no big deal. If the natural response to  horror and cruelty can be sufficiently dulled then even the harvesting and sale of the body parts of unborn babies (as done by Planned Parenthood in the US) will seem to be no big deal.

This toleration of violence, cruelty and crass graphic sexual content is another example of a crucial battle in the culture war being lost by conservatives because they didn’t even bother to fight the battle. They didn’t think it was important enough. As usual, they didn’t think at all.


  1. I couldn't agree more. It's funny how people just think that gays make up such a large percentage of the population when the reality it's less than 1%.
    With regards to abortion, I couldn't believe when the show Please Like Me (a show that has hetersexual men as hopeless) featured an episode where Caitlen Stacy (feminist) used abortion drug to rid herself of an unwanted pregnancy.
    At no point was the father mentioned, certainly not included in the decision, but the process of flushing the foetus down the toilet was just something she did with little emotion.
    They actually had the characters have a harder time having to kill a chicken to eat than her getting an abortion.
    They even took a swipe at Pro lifers with a "they've spelled foetus three different ways on their own brochure" comment.

    1. They actually had the characters have a harder time having to kill a chicken to eat than her getting an abortion.

      The feminist attitude towards abortion is horrifying and sickening. To tolerate abortion is bad enough but to celebrate it is truly evil.