Monday, February 23, 2015

why it’s worthwhile for conservatives to keep fighting

One of the things that conservatives find very disheartening is the apparent utter futility of trying to make leftists see sense or to accept reality. This means that most of the time we seem to be preaching to the choir. Other conservatives will listen to us but leftists never will. So if we can never get through to leftists aren’t all our efforts in vain?

The answer to this is that of course it’s futile to reason with leftists. It’s a complete waste of time. What we have to understand though is that the objective is not, or at least should not be, to aim our arguments at leftists. The people we need to reach are the half-hearted lukewarm conservatives, the ones who are inclined to compromise with the Left.

The problem is not that there are very few conservatives. There are actually lots of conservatives. But most of them have given up the fight and resigned themselves to surrender. They have made compromise after compromise. They have been retreating for so long that they’ve forgotten how to fight. The idea of making a stand on principle doesn’t occur to them because it’s been so long since they attempted such a thing. They have become accustomed to cowardice. You only have to look at the major “conservative” parties in very country. Their leaders are people to whom cowardice has become second nature. That does not however mean that there are no true conservatives left in those parties. There are still many among the rank and file. But they are leaderless and they are disillusioned. They have forgotten what it feels like to win a victory on an issue that really matters.

Even worse many have become so used to modern lukewarm conservatism that they have forgotten how to recognise the issues that really matter.

Even worse are the neocons, who have convinced themselves that the only things that matter are free markets and pursuing hawkish (and generally incoherent and deluded) foreign policies. They believe that if they surrender to the cultural marxists on every social issue they will be allowed to survive and that their beloved free markets will be permitted to survive. This is of course a pathetic delusion. It is a delusion shared by almost every large corporation. They think that if they support homosexual marriage and trans rights and feminism and anti-racism and every other leftist cause they will be left alone to go on making money. In the short term they may be right. In the long term they are dead wrong. The ultimate objective of the Left is absolute state control of every aspect of life, including business.

Genuine conservatives should not waste their energies on,leftists. What we need to do is to energise those lukewarm conservatives and put some backbone into them. Most of all we need to spread the message that every compromise made with the Left is a devil’s bargain. Every retreat, every surrender, simply makes the Left more extreme and more uncompromising. Historically in battle most casualties were inflicted when one side broke and ran. Running away is not the safest thing to do. It’s the most dangerous thing to do. The same holds true for political battles - those who will not stand their ground will be cut down unmercifully by the victorious leftist barbarians. The only hope of survival is to fight. 

A good general does not waste his time appealing to the enemy troops. He puts his energies into inspiring his own troops and convincing them that they can win. And our troops are in desperate need of inspiration and of hope and of leadership.

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    This is excellent advice!

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