Friday, February 6, 2015

It’s all the fault of the Jews. Or is it?

Anti-semitism is certainly on the rise, and has been for several decades. On the left it’s usually disguised as anti-zionism. On the right it’s more open and honest, although more disturbing. And it almost always takes the form of a conspiracy theory.

One of the more popular conspiracy theories is that cultural marxism is a Jewish plot. The problem with this conspiracy theory is that it doesn’t make a lot of sense and I’m going to try to explain why. 

Let’s take a look at the program of cultural marxism and see how it benefits, or harms, the Jews. 

Cultural marxism is hostile to capitalism. Jews on the whole have done quite well out of capitalism. Cultural marxists hope to see a radical redistribution of wealth. Since Jews are generally speaking more prosperous than non-Jews a redistribution of wealth would hurt Jews rather than help them.

Cultural marxism just loves multi-culturalism. Cultural marxists are very keen on importing huge numbers of Third Worlders into western countries. As a result of this Jews have fallen from 3.7% of the US population in the 1940s to around 2% today. What was once a potentially very powerful voting bloc is now much less significant. How precisely does this further the supposed Jewish thirst for power? A very large proportion of Third World immigrants comprise people who are fanatically hostile to Jews. How does this serve the interests of Jews?

Jews comprise a steadily shrinking percentage of the population of Britain, standing today at just 0.5%. In France the figure is 0.75%. In France Moslems comprise somewhere between 5 and 10 percent of the population; in Britain the figure is 4.4% (and in England it’s 5%). A policy that has seen Jewish minorities become steadily more insignificant while minorities that are potentially (and in many cases actually) hostile to Jews have grown exponentially does not seem to be to be a very impressive success for a Jewish conspiracy.

Cultural marxism is extremely hostile to Christianity, but I can’t recall recently hearing any cultural marxists express admiration for Judaism. The aim of cultural marxism is the triumph of atheism. That’s not good news for Jews since the Jews’ identity as a distinctive people is largely (although not wholly) dependent on at least a nominal shared faith.

Cultural marxists detest tradition. Tradition is another factor that is vital for the maintenance of a distinctive Jewish identity.

Cultural marxists reserve their most virulent hatred for the family. The family always has been and always will be absolutely central and absolutely crucial to preserving Jewish identity.

So taken all in all cultural marxism can only be catastrophic for the Jews as a people. It might benefit individual Jews but if we’re to take the international Jewish conspiracy seriously it must surely be a program to advance the interests of Jews as a whole rather than a few individuals.

Of course it is undeniably true that many Jews are cultural marxists. Many white Europeans are cultural marxists as well even though it’s an ideology that seeks to destroy European civilisation. The presence of Jews among the cultural marxist hordes simply proves that Jews are as prone to delusion, self-hatred and crippling (and entirely inappropriate) guilt as white Europeans. Jews who support the agenda of cultural marxism are supporting an agenda that will destroy them, just as white Europeans who support the agenda of cultural marxism are supporting an agenda that will destroy them. The Jews probably have a lot more to lose than white people.

Many of the founders of cultural marxism were certainly Jews. The Frankfurt School was dominated by Jewish intellectuals. But were these Jewish intellectuals motivated by a desire to achieve world domination by the Jews, or were they almost entirely Jewish intellectuals who hated their own race, their own religion, their own traditions, their own families and most of all themselves? To me the latter seems far more likely, given that intellectuals as a breed are notable mostly for hating their own race, their own civilisation, their own traditions, their own families and most of all themselves.

There are plenty of stupid Jews, plenty of short-sighted Jews, plenty of Jews psychologically disfigured by guilt and self-hatred, plenty of Jews willing to work for cultural marxism and against their own long-term interests. That does not imply that Jews are working to some nefarious Jewish master plan. There are equally plentiful numbers of stupid, short-sighted, psychologically crippled white Europeans who are working just as energetically for cultural marxism and against their own people. Does that mean that cultural marxism is a white European conspiracy to destroy white European civilisation?


  1. 'Cultural Marxism' certainly has downsides to the Jews, but it is called a gambit. Increasing diversity also aids Jewish power because Jews see the white majority as their main rival for power. Though non-white immigrants may not like Jews, Jews can pit white elites vs white masses vs non-white immigrants and play 'divide and rule'.

    Besides, since immigrants tend to be low-IQ, they will not challenge high IQ Jewish elite power.

  2. I think you're missing the big picture, which is that a population that is focused on solving problems with one problem group (now islamists) isn't going to bother to deal with another problem group.
    They keep driving new groups into the fray to keep us from seeing they run our media, our banks and federal reserve.
    There's always another distraction.