Tuesday, June 3, 2014

the non-existent European far right

One of the more depressing things about the recent elections for the European parliament is the way the established parties and the media have once again been allowed to get away with characterising any dissent as a movie to the far right. That the established parties and the media have tried to paint parties such as UKIP and the Front National in France as parties of the far right is not surprising. It’s standard operating procedure. What is really depressing is that almost nobody is challenging them on an assertion that is simply an outrageous lie.

The Front National is a moderate party of the Centre-Left. It is at most very mildly socially conservative. It is not a party of the right at all, much less a far right party. In economic terms it is not even slightly conservative. It just happens to be a nationalist party.

UKIP is vaguer on economic issues but seems to be moderately centre-right with slight libertarian tendencies.

Even the Golden Dawn in Greece appears to be more of a radical socialist party than a party of the right.

Nationalism has absolutely zero to do with left and right. It is perfectly possible to be a leftist and a nationalist, and it is perfectly possible to be a conservative and an anti-nationalist. Immigration has, or at least should have, nothing whatever to do with political ideology. 

The hysteria about the entirely imaginary rise of the far right in Europe is merely an unscrupulous and dishonest strategy to discredit nationalism. Anyone who dares to question the dogma of multi-cultural and unlimited Third World immigration is immediately labelled as a fascist and a member of the far right. Rather ironic, given that fascism is essentially a leftist ideology. 

This is something that needs to be resisted. You do not need to be a political conservative to be concerned at the disastrous failure of multi-culturalism and the mortal threat that mass Third World immigration poses to our civilisation.


  1. Dear Mr. Doom

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  2. I'd be delighted. I have a link to Upon Hope.

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