Friday, March 21, 2014

the demonising of Putin

I’m increasingly dismayed by the willingness of otherwise sensible conservatives to swallow the mainstream media’s view of Vladimir Putin as the New Hitler.

The mainstream media hates Putin because he acted to stop gays from propagandising children in Russia. For conservatives to buy into this anti-Putin nonsense is dangerous and silly.

And trying to make analogies between the current Ukraine crisis and appeasement of Hitler in the 1930s demonstrates that these days even conservatives are often frighteningly out of touch with reality.

It’s also betrays a dangerously simplistic view of history. Neville Chamberlain’s policies towards Hitler were realistic. Britain and France did not have the capability to save either Czechoslovakia or Poland. The end result of the final decision to go to war over Germany’s invasion of Poland was that Poland suffered six years of misery under the Nazis and four decades of misery under Soviet communism. Britain and France ceased to be major powers. The only winner in the end was Stalin.

Sometimes doing something merely to gain a warm inner glow can be worse than doing nothing, especially in cases where there’s nothing useful that can be done.

The only result of the current confrontation with Russia will be to make Russia anti-US. So the US will gain another enemy. Nobody will win. The people of the Crimea have made it abundantly clear that they wish to be part of Russia. Their wish should be respected. 

The socialist EU would also be well advised to mind its own business.

The demonising of Putin serves no useful purpose. It is a distraction from more important issues, such as the pitifully weak US policy towards Iran. Iran is a real problem with real relevance to US interests. Neither the Crimea nor the Ukraine have any such relevance. 

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