Saturday, December 7, 2013

US foreign policy disasters - a great tradition

The Democrat-controlled Congress’s betrayal of South Vietnam, mentioned in my previous post, was of course only the latest in a long line of US foreign policy disasters. Curiously enough these disasters always seemed to occur when the Democrats controlled the White House, or at least the Congress.

The first and most spectacular of these catastrophes took place at Yalta in February 1945. The Second World War had been fought over the issue of the invasion of Poland by a brutal totalitarian dictatorship so naturally Roosevelt thought it would be a fabulous idea to had Poland over to a brutal totalitarian dictatorship. The rest of eastern Europe would soon follow.

Roosevelt’s Democrat successor Harry Truman continued the good work by handing China over to the Communists.

Truman did his best to lose South Korea as well, removing Douglas MacArthur from command when it became frighteningly apparent that MacArthur might actually win the war.

Jimmy Carter was to prove himself as a fine example of the grand tradition of Democrat Presidents. Iran had a strong stable pro-western government. Obviously that situation could not be allowed to continue. Thanks to Carter Iran got a new government. A fanatically anti-western government of mad mullahs. Most of the US’s subsequent problems in the Middle East can be laid at the door of Jimmy Carter. The fact that the word now faces the threat of a nuclear Iran controlled by mad mullahs is not the least of Carter’s legacies. Harry Truman would have been proud of him.

John F. Kennedy was something of an aberration, being a Democrat president who was actually a sincere anti-communist. Unfortunately he was also a weak president and allowed the opportunity of ridding the world of Fidel Castro to slip through his fingers by failing to provide air support to the Cuban rebels in the Bay of Pigs invasion attempt. Kennedy’s weakness would provide a major encouragement to the expansionist aims of the Soviet Union.

In fact it’s difficult to to see how communism could have achieved the success it did achieve from the 1940s to the 1970s without the assistance of the Democrats.

That would of course all change once Ronald Reagan, the only conservative president in living memory, came to power.

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