Saturday, September 7, 2013

Election 2013 - will anything significant actually change?

Australia's new PM Tony Abbott - will he be up to the challenge?
While the defeat of the catastrophic Rudd government is certainly very good news indeed it remains to be seen whether anything significant will actually change. Will new PM Tony Abbott have the guts to follow his own instincts (which are unquestionably conservative) or will he be forced to back down to the sniveling lily-livered cowards in his party who are terrified of being seen as even slightly conservative?

Will Abbott have the intestinal fortitude to scrap outrageous wastes of money like the Department of Climate Change? Will he stand up to the hand-wringing prophets of doom who will tell him the sky is falling and it’s all our fault for putting carbon into the atmosphere? Will he stand up to the greenie thugs who want to destroy our country?

And will he be prepared to grasp the nettle and reform the ABC? Public broadcasters like the ABC are dinosaurs, relics of an era when governments thought they were necessary to bring culture to the huddled masses. Today the ABC is entirely irrelevant and has been hijacked by the far left to the extent that it is little more than the propaganda arm of the loony left. There is only way to reform the ABC. Defund it. If it then dies, so be it. The real world is a tough place and if the ABC can’t survive in the commercial marketplace then the sooner it dies the better. It has long since ceased to live up to its charter. It is a national disgrace and doing something about this truly cancerous travesty of a broadcaster should be a priority.

And will Abbott accept the reality that countries that are running a budget deficit have no business giving money to other countries in the form of “foreign aid” - money that does nothing in any case other than to encourage a culture of dependence in the recipient countries?

And most important of all will the Abbott government stop wasting money funding lavish lifestyles for bogus refugees who are in reality merely illegal immigrants, which by definition makes them criminals?

Last not least, will the Abbott government accept that governments should not be funding the extravagant lifestyles of the “arts community” - writers who write books than no-one wants to read, artists who create paintings no-one wants to buy, theatre companies that stage productions no-one wants to attend and other assorted worthless bludgers? Government funding of the arts is not only a waste of taxpayers’ money, it is positively unhealthy for the arts.

All of these vitally necessary reforms would reduce the budget deficit in addition to being very good things in themselves.

Maybe the Abbott government will have the guts to do these things, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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