Friday, May 18, 2012

losing touch with our cultural traditions

The de-christianisation of society has other results other than the obvious ones - it’s also one of the reasons people today are so disconnected from the western cultural tradition. It's not just that Christians are in a minority; many people today know nothing whatever about Christianity. You can't appreciate Renaissance painting or 16th century English poetry if you have no idea who the figures in biblical paintings are, or if you have no concept of what things like grace mean.

I’m not suggesting that one has to be a Christian or that one can only appreciate our art and our literature if one is a Christian, but de-christianisation has now progressed so far that many people are not even familiar with the Bible as literature. And the King James version of the Bible is great literature, whether you’re a believer or not.

Of course the churches haven’t helped by substituting new translations for the KJV, translations that remove all the poetry and beauty.

This is a double victory for the cultural Marxists, since by alienating people from their cultural heritage you alienate them their history and from their traditions.

And anyone who's read their Orwell knows the State doesn't want us to know our own history.

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