Monday, March 12, 2012

winning the culture wars

If you’re a conservative it’s easy to lose heart and to believe the culture wars are unwinnable. But at least one crucial battle is being won. That battle is the battle against the global warning alarmists.

Ten years ago the alarmists were in the box seat. They had governments and the media dancing to their tune. Today even the Europeans are becoming sceptical of nonsense like wind power. The warmist juggernaut is running out of steam.

As little as five years ago Tim Flannery was regarded as an unquestioned “expert” on “climate change” - today he’s little more than a national joke.

The reason this battle is being won is that the climate change sceptics have not been content to remain on the defensive. They have vigorously and energetically attacked the claptrap being peddled by the warmist true believers.

Windfarms were once a proud symbol of the triumph of the environmentalist doomsayers. These days even greenies are starting to find them an embarrassment. The appalling slaughter of wildlife by these useless monstrosities hadn’t helped the greenie cause. It has exposed the hypocrisy of the greenies.

There is a lesson in all this. The whole leftist agenda is as absurd, irrational and unworkable as wind power. Their agenda can be contested. It can be demonstrated to be a farrago of nonsense. Multiculturalism is just as vulnerable to attack, since it is demonstrably as unworkable as windfarms. The entire agenda of the Left is based on the same combination of liberal guilt, irrationalism, wishful thinking and self-hatred.

The Left has become over-confident and arrogant. Most people have been cowed into silence by the barrage of propaganda from the media and the intimidation of the Thought Police, but that doesn’t mean they are convinced by the Left’s loopy theories and it doesn’t mean they enjoy being bullied. There is plenty of resentment out there at the Left’s bullying tactics, and there’s plenty of scepticism. It just needs to be harnessed.

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