Friday, March 2, 2012

it’s big government that corrupts, not big business

We hear constant complaints from whining leftists about the corruption of big business, but what they fail to understand is that it’s not big business that has corrupted government, it’s big government that has corrupted business. It’s big government that has corrupted everyone.

People are always generous with other people’s money and when you have government ballooning out of control what you have is an enormous trough full of public money. So naturally you have a similarly enormous number of pigs fighting to get their snouts into the trough. With so much taxpayers’ money being thrown around it’s hardly surprising that the business sector figures it might as well join in.

In Australia we have a truly incredible number of totally unnecessary government ministries. We have a Minister for School Education, and a Minister Assisting School Education, and a Minister for Tertiary Education. All this in spite of the fact that in Australia education is the responsibility of state government! We have a Minister for the Arts, and a Minister for Sport. We have a Minister for Health, and a Minister for Indigenous Health, and a Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Mental Health Reform.

We have a Minister for Social Inclusion! We have a Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. A Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. A Minister for Employment Participation and Early Childhood and Childcare. A Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. A Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs. A Minister for the Status of Women.

All of which are about as useful and necessary as a Ministry for Silly Walks. All of them have their own bureaucracies. At least half of those ministers could and should be sacked and their worthless government departments shut down. They simply represent opportunities for even more snouts to be thrust into even more troughs. They all have practically limitless public money to give away. All of which attracts lobbyists like bees to a honey pot. All of which creates an ever more corrupt society. And opportunities for individuals and businesses to help themselves to taxpayers’ money.

Given all this it is inevitable that businesses will line up along with everyone else to get their share of the handouts.

The climate change hysteria represents the biggest opportunity of all for the taxpayers’ pockets to be rifled. Label whatever it is that you’re doing as part of the “green economy” and watch the subsidies come pouring in.

Our federal capital, Canberra, has a population of 345,000. Canberra is an artificial city created to serve the federal government. It serves no other purpose. At least three-quarters of those 345,000 people are merely useless mouths gorging themselves at the taxpayers’ expense. It is a parasite city.

The practice of business employing lobbyists is certainly a pernicious and dangerous practice. But those lobbyists would not exist were it not for the ludicrous expansion of government activity. Business lobbyists exist to protect business from unnecessary regulation and to ensure that their industries get a share of the spoils robbed from the pockets of ordinary Australians. Non-business lobbyists exist merely to ensure that their organisations get their share of the stolen money.

Reduce the size of government and the majority of lobbyists would simply disappear. They would become parasites without a host to feed on.

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