Thursday, March 8, 2012

the dangerous allure of Islam

One mistake that I think Leon J. Podles makes in his fascinating book The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity (which I blogged about recently) is that while he’s quite correct in pointing out the dangers to society caused by the alienation of men from Christianity, he’s pinpointed the wrong dangers.

He’s many decades out of date on this point and he’s also demonstrated a dangerous tendency to accept the assumptions of liberalism. It’s a widespread error but a serious one. He thinks that men who feel alienated from Christianity mat turn to fascism. In fact it’s far more likely that many will turn to Islam.

This is especially the case with men from the older working-class neighbourhoods and industrial cities who are frustrated and angry about what they perceive as society’s contempt for them. Islam has been making converts among black American males for decades and this is likely to accelerate.

There’s also a real danger that many middle-class men will also defect to Islam. Including intellectuals (who are notoriously prone to silly ideas). Islam will offer them not just a positive role as men but also will allow them to indulge their hatred for their own society.

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