Saturday, February 25, 2012

why leftists want to rewrite history

One of the reasons that leftists are so keen on rewriting history is that history is so very embarrassing to them.

One of the many embarrassing facts of history is that socialists in the first half of the 20th century were extremely enthusiastic about eugenics and racial purity. Prominent socialists like H. G. Wells, Sidney Webb and George Bernard Shaw were fanatically pro-eugenics. Most of the leftist enthusiasm for birth control was motivated by racism and by fear of the pollution of society by the “unfit.”

In the US it was progressives who were most anxious to introduce eugenics legislation.

Left-liberals in the US like to forget that segregation and the Jim Crow laws were supported by the Democratic Party, and that most of the early efforts to introduce civil rights legislation were made by Republicans.

In Australia the Left tries very hard to forget that the Labor Party was incredibly keen on the White Australia Policy. It was a Labor Immigration Minister (and later Labor leader), Arthur Calwell, who made the famous remark that, “Two wongs don’t make a white.”

The history of leftist politics sheds interesting light on modern liberals’ obsession with abortion and social control

It must be very exhausting being a leftist, having to constantly cover your tracks.


  1. I take a different perspective on the above facts. The fact that the liberals supposedly supported eugenics or that they opposed the Civil Rights Revolution does not mean that they were 'racist' (a word I use only in scare quotes) or that the Republicans were more enlightened. What it means, to some extent, is that the two American parties have switched places for various reason -- or it simply means that both parties have become very liberal on racial and other matters, each calling the other party ''racist'' these days.
    Our society has moved so far left that both parties compete to outdo each other in liberalism.

  2. I agree. Modern liberalism has virtually nothing in common with the classical liberalism of the 19th century. And the mainstream political parties in both the US and Australia have little or nothing in common with those same parties 50 years ago.

    But the impulse towards social control and social engineering that motivated leftwing supporters of eugenics in the 30s remains the driving spirit of modern liberalism - the idea that society can be remade by the government. And much of modern liberals' support for abortion is motivated to a large degree by the belief that the lives of the poor can be improved by encouraging them not to reproduce. A hugely disproportionate number of abortions in the US are still carried out on black women, just as the founder of Planned Parenthood (a liberal icon) hoped. It's still eugenics in practice. It's just less honest.