Sunday, February 5, 2012

the normalisation of deviance

Over the past half-century we’ve seen in action an insidious process whereby behaviour that was once regarded as deviant or immoral has been normalised. This has happened throughout the western world. This is Cultural Marxism in action.

There are five outstanding examples of this - marijuana, homosexuality, abortion, sharia law and crime.

Even in places where marijuana is still technically illegal it is now, in practice, treated as essentially normal and of no consequence. Left-leaning judges and magistrates have simply refused to enforce the law. The police have largely given up enforcing the law as well because there’s no point.

We have seen a massive campaign to persuade us that homosexuality is not a perversion that should be tolerated but perfectly natural and normal. It’s got to the stage in some of the Scandinavian countries that to even suggest that homosexuality might not be natural and normal is illegal. As is usual with the Left the will of the people is something to be ignored. The response of the Left to Proposition 8 in California is a textbook example of the methods of the Left. A clear majority of Californians voted against homosexual marriage. The Left immediately set out to overturn the will of the people.

Schools are now re-education camps where children are taught that homosexuality is not just normal, it’s fun and glamorous.

The legalisation of abortion was not enough for the Cultural Left. We have to be persuaded that abortion is not merely acceptable, but is a positive thing, something to be celebrated. The old saying used to be that her wedding day was the biggest day in a woman’s life. Now it appears that the most important day in a woman’s life is the day she has her first abortion and thereby celebrates her freedom, by killing her baby.

Even twenty years ago sharia law and other exciting benefits of multi-culturalism would have been regarded (quite rightly) as barbaric. Honour killings would have regarded with abhorrence. Now they’re just part of Diversity.

Even crime has been largely normalised by the Cultural Marxists. Unless of course the crime happens to be committed by a white heterosexual male. Any other crime is merely part of the privilege of victimhood, or it’s a natural response to the evils of capitalism, patriarchy or any other left-wing fantasy bugaboo. The violent scum of the Occupy movement are not unwashed vicious thugs, they’re political warriors. They’re heroes.

It goes without saying that ordinary people have not ben given a say in any of this. The trouble with ordinary people is that they can’t be relied upon to support the agenda of the Cultural Left so it’s best not to consult them. The political class, along with leftist judges, social workers, bureaucrats and “activists” know what’s best for the people so there’s no need actually to ask the people what they want.

Welcome to the Brave New Word of Cultural Marxism. You might as well learn to love it because you’re not going to be given the choice. Dissent cannot and will not be permitted. Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

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