Monday, February 27, 2012

leftwing myths #1 - the myth of Big Business

One of the most pervasive myths spread by the Left is that conservatives can rely on the unstinting support of those wicked capitalists in Big Business.

In fact nothing could be further from the truth. Big Government and Big Business are not enemies. The hallmark of our present system is an unholy, corrupt and corrupting alliance between government and business.

The last thing Big Business wants is a true free market. That means competition, and risk. Big Business relies on government to protect it from such horrors. The price they pay is an insane degree of regulation but it’s worth it in order to have predictability. And excessive regulation hurts small businesses far more than it hurts big businesses, so in fact it benefits big corporations by wiping our competition from smaller firms.

There’s an even bigger payoff for big business - their alliance with government means they can always rely on being bailed out if things go wrong.

It’s in the interests of Big Business to have Big Government, and it’s also in their interests to have governments in office that are committed to perpetuating this system. In other words, governments of the Left. Which is why, in western countries, we no longer have true conservative parties. Our so-called conservative parties are afraid to rock the boat by pursuing genuinely conservative policies - that would spell the end of any prospect of support from the big end of town.

That’s also why so many large corporations are prepared to support and to promote truly insane climate change policies - those policies mean lots of taxpayers’ money will be coming their way if they can just pretend to be sufficiently green. The fact that these policies are unnecessary and wouldn’t work anyway is irrelevant because it’s the taxpayer who will pick up the tab.

When President Eisenhower in his speech in 1961 warned of the peril of the military-industrial complex he should have been warning of the much greater dangers of the government-industrial complex.

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