Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the denormalisation of normality

The Cultural Leftists have worked very hard to normalise deviance. They have been working equally hard to denormalise normality.

They firstly targeted marriage and family life. That campaign has largely succeeded. The traditional family lies in ruins.

Their second target was motherhood. There were two strands to this attack. The first was to encourage abortion. The second was to vilify and ridicule mothers who wanted to raise their own children instead of dumping the kids in government-approved childcare centres. The problem with the family is that distracts people from what should be their first loyalty, loyalty to the state.

If you actually believe that marriage should be regarded as something more than a short-term sexual liaison or that married couples should remain faithful you’re likely to be regarded as completely mad.

Another major target has been Christianity. This has also been largely successful. Today if you’re a Christian you’re well advised to keep it to yourself for fear of being regarded as being at best eccentric, at worst a wicked oppressor.

Normal attitudes towards sexuality have been demonised. If you’re even mildly sceptical of claims that homosexuality is natural, or if you are unwise enough to point out that the homosexual lifestyle is self-destructive, you are accused of homophobia. And for the Cultural Left there is no greater sin. If you’re unlucky enough to live in one of the totalitarian Scandinavian countries you may even risk arrest.

The psychiatric industry is now working on classifying homophobia as a mental illness. We can expect other perversions such as chastity to eventually be added to the list. The long-term aim will of course be to have conservatism classified as a mental illness. You think I’m joking? Psychiatry was used to crush dissent in the old Soviet Union so it is reasonable to assume that the modern heirs of Stalinism are aware of its usefulness as a means of silencing opposition.

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