Saturday, January 21, 2012

the moral decay of the west

Western civilisation is now engaged in a life-or-death struggle with militant Islam, and the west’s most dangerous enemy in this war is its own moral weakness and depravity.

The family has been all but destroyed and we are now in the process of putting the final nail in the coffin by legalising gay marriage. “Sex workers” are more respected than mothers. We are too selfish to raise our own kids and we expect the government to do it for us by providing unlimited childcare, a sure recipe for producing another alienated, immature and poorly socialised generation.

The western world is awash with drugs.

We have a growing underclass that is vicious and moronic.

Education standards have been slipping for decades. Schools teach kids about condoms but they can’t teach them to read. Universities are factories for producing political activists dedicated to destroying western civilisation.

Hatred of our own civilisation is the dominant characteristic of our mainstream media.

We have the Occupy movement - dirty unwashed hippies and poorly educated overgrown babies who think they can bring about the promised land by wallowing in their own excrement and chanting their hatred for their own society.

We have feminists preaching an agenda of hate and self-pity.

We have millions of people medicated to the eyeballs on Prozac, and more shockingly when children behave like ordinary children we label them as having ADHD and medicate them to the eyeballs as well.

In the US you can be a terrorist but that won’t stop you getting a cushy academic job in a university. Ask Bill Ayers.

We have environmentalists intent on destroying not merely the economies of the west but the entire western way of life. Scientists no longer care about truth, they just want funding.

We have no belief in our own civilisation or our own achievements. We are riddled with irrational guilt.

Unless we can rediscover some moral purpose and some belief in ourselves we have no chance of successfully facing the challenge of Islam.

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