Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I want to stay in 1928

Lord knows this is a wretched century but at the moment I'm not worried because I'm not here. I'm in 1928. A murder has just been committed in a country house and Lord Peter Wimsey is investigating. I’m watching the excellent 1972 BBC Lord Peter Wimsey series.

1928 really is a much better world. There's no Facebook, but people read books. And people know how to dress. Even the men know how to dress. And they have monocles! The decline of the monocle pretty much coincides with the beginning of the decline of the western civilisation. I'm not saying there's a direct causal connection, but still it bears thinking about.

The best thing about the Lord Peter Wimsey series is that it’s not one of those awful modern BBC attempts at period drama where they have to try to impose depraved 21st century cultural standards onto the past and make the past politically correct. This was made in 1972, when the BBC still made good television. It seems incredible now that there really was a time when BBC productions were worth watching.

This is one of the things I want to address on this blog - the pernicious effect of political correctness on popular culture, and even more importantly the disastrous effect that politicised popular culture has had on our society.

The only problem is, there are only five episodes in Clouds of Witness and then I have to return to 2012.

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